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Titi 50 (50km ultramarathon)

A week after TNF 100 Thai, I was badly need a recovery run, so I took part in an inaugural event Titi 50, a 50km ultramarathon. Crazy??? Not really, more like stupid..! Actually, I was mistakenly registered this race end of last year not knowing there will be 100km ultra trail a week before. Luckily, I signed-up for 50km category only because I was almost hit a button to register Titi 100 for 100km category.
The main reason I took part in this race is to support local organizer. I must applaud the men behind this race Jeff Ooi and Allan Lee for their effort to make this event a successful one. It is not easy to organize a race because I did involve once in Xterra Kuantan in 2010.
The race started at 12am.... yup midnight. Those in 100km category was flagged off under scorching sun at 4pm earlier and their route stretched all the way to Titi town in Jelebu Negeri Sembilan. This route is popular among the cyclists with steep uphill and the notorious Genting Perez! I cycled here many ti…

TNF 100 Thailand 2014

I signed up for the race 6 months before, thought of doing 50km but after got poisoned by Ray (yeah, we runners poison each other...haha), I was happily signed up 100km even though I wasn't sure about my training commitment.

Initial plan was to stay in Bangkok, but due to riot and demonstration, we changed plan go to Pak Chong straight away from the airport. But later I changed my mind and broke up from the group and stay one night in Bangkok. Luckily I have a good friend living and working in Bangkok. He booked a service apartment just for me at The Narathiwas Residence and he didn't even let me pay for it. Thank you Chong!

I got to know Chong when we were candidates for US Military Academy at RMC in the early 1992. I didn't get a placing but he went to the most prestigious military academy in the world the "West Point". He came back and served the nation for 10 years to fulfill his contract. I think there was no place for a smart guy like him in the army, so h…

Trip to Hamburg

Continue from previous post "Trip to Krakow". OK, this is the last part of the write-up about my trip to Germany & Poland

It was a bit sad to leave Warsaw and Agata. After a week together we were thinking alike. Even on the final night we went to bed in the same color of pajamas. That morning before leaving Warsaw I went to buy candies & chocolates at Carrefour in Zlote Tarasy to bring back to Malaysia. Then we're rushing to the platform and found the train has arrived. It is time to say goodbye, after giving her last hug, I boarded the train. The train slowly chugging away leaving the station and I keep on waving my hand at Agata until she gone from my sight.

In the train to Berlin, I was sitting in a cabin coach shared with five other people. Three Polish guys and a Ukraine couple, no hot Polish chicks :P There was an incident in the train after half an hour ride when a Chinese lady with 2 small daughters came to our cabin and showed her tickets that my sit and…