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Medals collection 2010

All the medals I got this year.

Year-end school holidays with my Ian & Dmi.

We had so much fun together for the first 3 weeks plus before I sent them over to spend time with their mummy. I miss them already. Hope next year, I can take them live with me if my ex doesn't want to. :(

Final race of the year, Malakoff 12km Run

Closing my 2010 race calendar with Malakoff 12 km Run on 19th Dec at Bukit Damansara. My timing was 1:07 which wasn't that bad for two-loop hilly course. More races coming up in 2011.

Singapore Marathon 2010

This is another record breaking when I did 3 major races (1 powerman & 2 marathons) in 4 weeks. I was pushing my body over limit but I was enjoyed doing it. Anyway, don’t try this at home if you are not mentally prepared and lack of training. Seriously, most of you will give up half way or maybe not even half way :P I couldn’t see where the heck is start line from where I was standing.Whoaaaa…. I couldn’t see where is the end of the line too. I must have been standing somewhere in the middle. Roughly 15,000 marathoners and 60,000 runners in total including half marathon & 10km run took part this year. My fellow Singaporean runners S’porean Blade Runner, Kash & Zam This is why we call him Blade Runner. Don’t play-play, he can cut your head with one swing kick. Anyway, despite his disability, he continues running and shame on you who have both legs but too lazy to exercise. One photo of myself :) It took me nearly 10 mins to cross start line. Running in the middle of the cit…