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I made it halfway my journey through life!

With life expectancy around 76 years for men, I just entered into 2nd half of my life yesterday. How many years more I will live in this world, only Allah knows. I just lost a friend who was drowning in Perhentian Island four days ago  while trying to save a tourist and he's only 28 years old. If you are not dying because of natural causes, accident will take your life. Come to think of it... I may not live longer than I think. So, it is wise to live your life to the fullest. Everyday is a gift, even if it is sucks. Count your blessings not the troubles. Never waste an opportunity to say someone that you love them, you never know what will happen tomorrow. Remember that laughter makes the world go round. Make the impossible possible and never give up. You only fail when you fail to try. Keep an open mind, you never know what you may learn. No matter how bad is your life problem, there's always someone fights the harder battle. Look up to sky, then you know how tiny is your pr…

Brooks Half Marathon 2012

Another race only two weeks after Tokyo Marathon. I still have flu and cough when I raced but I clocked 2:35, which is not too bad. This is the only race I have in March. I met many my running buddies at the event.

Tokyo Marathon 2012

With 36,000 participants, Tokyo Marathon is one of the biggest marathon events in the world. I was among a few lucky to get a slot where there were 9.5 times over subscription. That means every 10 applications only one person gets the slot. The marathon was on 26th February but I went there 3 days earlier to pick up race bib, visit the expo, acclimatization and take part in International Friendship Run a day before the marathon.
Marathon Expo The expo was awesome, I never been to an expo as big as Tokyo Marathon Expo in Tokyo Big Sight. The marathon check-in was smooth and the reception was very warm manned by kawaii Japanese girls. Many freebies were given away to the runners & visitors. I bought a T-shirt and cap with Tokyo Marathon logo on it and took lots of photos.

International Friendship Run
On 25th February, a day before the marathon I took part in International Friendship Run in conjunction with Tokyo Marathon 2012. It was heavy rain and very cold. The run was only 2km aro…

Running for Orang Asli

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