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R8 Mindakod Akinabalu

The project was suggsted by OP Ala to celebrate our 40th birthday in 2014. However, it took few months to book the climb date with Mount Kinabalu Park authority and to get everyone to improve their fitness level for the climb. 
The climb was scheduled on 24th January before we were told there was a mistake in booking the slots by the guide during the briefing that night. Everything became havoc and some of us were angry because we have to purchase new flight tickets, rearrange the our annual leaves and rebook our accommodation. The guide should have informed us the changes at least a week before not the night before. Fortunately, we agreed to just proceed with the new date since everyone is here already.

 The guide booked a place at Kundasang on him for us to stay after he screwed up the date. I think it was blessing in disguise because we can start the travel to Kinabalu Park a bit late (only 10 minutes away) and we could have a sumptuous carbo-loading dinner at OP Akak Dun's re…

Advanced Safety Riding Course with PDRM

This is the first activity organized by Bikers Club under Celcom Sports Club in collaboration with PDRM Trafik KL to educate 40 of our fellow big bikers in Celcom on safety riding and advanced riding skill.
This 2-day course began on 17 Jan with safety classes in the morning at Menara Celcom and then followed with practical riding in convoy to Bukit Jalil to witness riding demonstration by two ladies officers. After that we rode to KLIA2 escorted by the police and back to Menara Celcom for night ride experience.

On the second day, we gathered at Menara Celcom in the morning for another convoy to Avani Sepang Gold Coast. We were given the opportunity to practice marshalling within the group. At Avani we're treated with sumptuous lunch at the resort. Two hours later, we rode back to Menara Celcom for a closing ceremony.  

We had great experience and acquired useful knowledge in handling big bike, do's and don'ts when riding in convoy and we had better exposure on how police…

Watergate 16 hours

My first event in 2015. Although I had 16 hours cut-off time to clock as many mileage as I could, I only did 50km in the event.

5km loop, I ran like hamster for 9 hours with a long break in the middle eating nasi ayam.... yum yum