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A journey of my 3rd Ironman - Ironman Langkawi 2017

The journey started since early the year when OP Zalman my junior in RMC contacted me asking whether I'm interested to do Ironman this year. Although my last Ironman race was 7 years ago, I still remember the toughest part is the commitment on the training which I wasn't really keen initially. I told him I want to let Fiza to take the slot, but he said he can try lobby to get the spots for both of us. Then, I replied... race on! We filled-in all the necessary forms and documents and submitted to My Major Events. TRAINING We didn't hear any positive news from MME until around middle of the year. Then we started being serious following the training program. I don't really have proper training plan, what I did was following Fiza's plan over the weekend and due to work commitment I tried my best to do at least one training a day during weekdays. First target is to race in the Iskandar Challenge with timing sub 7 hours. I did achieve the target and very satisfied with …