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Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 001/4F

My 4th Rayban sunglasses and 1st Aviator Metal Frame. It is the design define the styles and become the Ray-Ban icons. It was invented in 1937, originally developed to combat the blinding glare experienced by US Air Force pilots. The lens are photochromic and can be used in door as well. I can be like a celebrity wearing sunglasses at night…..hahahahaI find ladies wearing Ray-ban Aviator look sexier and more appealing than those wearing stupid oversized Gucci or designer labels below.Unless you have the model look like above (they look good with any shape of glasses) but if you are just average looking babe… please don’t.

Fun stuff

We’re so used to convenience and to some people climbing a short staircase is like running 100m dash. Unless you running a marathon like me, no sin for taking escalator or lift… hehehe. So, how to get people to use staircase instead of escalator?  Have a look at video below how they did it.If you think that’s fun, check out this website

Happy 7th birthday to my Dmi!

“Birthdays are filled with yesterday’s memories, today’s joys, and tomorrow’s dreams.”From the day he born until 2 years old. We never plan to have him this soon but we were glad to have him in our lives. Life was so wonderful back then.Between 2-4 years old. He was so cute at this age. He knew how to amuse us.Between 4-5 years old. Those days were the happiest times for all of us.Between 5-6 years old. It was tough years for all of us due to their mummy’s life crisis. Ian & Dmi had to live faraway from me.Latest photos this year before he turns 7. He still a small baby to me. Don’t worry baby, no matter what I will bring you back to KL next year.

Jakarta oh Jakarta

My solo travelling continued to Jakarta Indonesia last weekend. Arrived in Soekarno-Hatta airport in the afternoon, I encountered with massive fluke of people coming into Jakarta. I was stuck at immigration for almost an hour and then took me another hour to get a cab. Rush hour in Friday evening make it worse and it took me more than an hour to get to the hotel. “Macet” of traffic jam in metropolitan Jakarta is well known to everybody who used to be here. I was staying in Mangga Besar, little that I know this is the center of red light district in Jakarta. Karaoke, pubs, night clubs, discotheques, spas, massage parlors are everywhere and girls to accompany you for a night also can easily be found around this area. This is a different light of Jakarta that I know from my last visit with my ex-wife during my business trip here 3 years ago (yeah, she insisted to come, probably she knew what Jakarta can offer to solo travelers)This is seriously a dodgy hotel. Every day I saw many beautif…

Slash Live in Kuala Lumpur

The legendary rock icon Slash pioneering member of Guns ‘n’ Roses and one of hard rock’s finest guitarists, performed at Surf Beach at Sunway Lagoon last Thursday. Two concerts in a week, for sure I’m not getting older yet…hahaha. Somehow at Slash concert I feel more in the right crowds. With VVIP ticket I could see the stage clearly plus with food & drinks.I was sweating like running 10km. Anyway, I had a great time there.

Wet n wild at MTV Stage Concert

I’ve been to the first MTV Stage concert last year and it was so much fun, makes me wanted to go again this year. This times I chaperoned two girls to the concert. The only thing I hate about the venue is the traffic jam. It took me nearly an hour get to the parking area from LDP which is less than 3km distance. We had our dinner first at Sunway Pyramid before going to the concert. We were surprised the queue was so long and it ended at the main road. After 20 minutes of waiting, we finally get into the gate.We missed Bunkface performance, when we arrived at our standing zone, Wonder Girls were on stage. The Korean girls performed a variety of songs, I think they lip-synched. The quintet finally performed its hit single “Nobody” complete with the schoolgirl dance moves. The crowd was now running high on adrenaline but unfortunately the organizers didn’t know how to sustain it for long. We were left standing more than an hour for the next show due to some technical difficulties (my ars…