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Energizer Night Race 2012

Running a marathon is not easy. If it's easy many people would have done it. It takes a gut to sign-up, lots of sweat to break and plenty of time to train (Don't compare it with me, I'm a different breed). So, when Suraya mistakenly sign-up for a marathon in ENR 2012 (She thought she signed up for 15.5km category), she was freaked out when she found about it just a week before the race. By the way, Suraya is my colleague in Celcom, she's 41 years old, a mother of 3 kids and happily married to a guy who also into outdoor activities. Tell you my friend, she doesn't look in her 40's at all.  When she asked me how to prepare for a marathon in a week, I told her... "may force be with you!" There is no way she can do a marathon with a week training. However, if your mind say you can do it even physically impossible, I believe you can do it! I was willing to sacrifice my timing and offered to pace her for 6 hours marathon. She wasn't sure how react but …

Jalan-jalan in Tokyo

What did I do other than running Tokyo Marathon last February?? I was there to explore the city and the people. The good thing about travelling alone, you can just go wherever you want to go, be with anybody you wish to be with and do whatever you desire to do. Along the journey I tried to blend-in with people around me.
Revisit Tokyo for a week after my last visit 7 years ago was fun. Although my Japanese a bit rusty, I only need 2-3 days to retune my head & my tongue. During the trip I met a bunch of Malaysian runners. Some were familiar faces back in Malaysia, some I just got to know them here. I took an opportunity to take them "bura-bura" (jalan-jalan or wandering) around Shibuya & Ueno. At Shibuya, we took photos at Hachiko statue and took videos of the the busiest intersection in the world. Afterwards, we went to Ameyoko in Ueno. Over here, we carbo-load with Udon in one of the restaurants along the "shotengai". As expected, during the race I bumpe…