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Amazing time-lapse piece of work

Mr.Ross Chingis at it again, this time working is time-lapse magic with a stop-motion twist. It’s an unofficial video clip for a song called ‘Little Bribes by a band by the name of ‘Death Cab for Cutie’.
Death Cab for Cutie - Little Bribes from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

Langkawi IM2010.... here I come!!!!

I just registered today :)

My Ironman Experience

It has been awhile since my last blogging. Nothing much to tell about my life. Still the same old me, single & lonely… err not that lonely actually. Life has been exciting so far. Anyway, what i want to write today is about my Ironman. I haven’t wrote anything about my experience doing Ironman last February. Before it fade away from my memory, i better write something about it. After 31 years of being a couch potato (hell yeah, I was a chubby boy), I had relatively late start in the sport. At age 32, I kicked off my triathlon career by competing in a sprint race in Port Dickson. My first race was a memorable as I crossed the line behind many people, including men & women twice and half my age. Many pros are prime in their 30’s. Nonetheless, I was hooked on the sport. Before the race the thought of doing Ironman  was so daunting; I characterized Ironman as an insane form of masochism and I prepared  myself the best I could based upon what little I knew about a sport with a year…