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Goodbye 2011, Welcome 2012

New year eve always a good time to look back at the past and more importantly looking forward to the coming year. I have achieved nearly all I wanted to do in 2011 such as spending more time with my kids, maintain my fitness level throughout the year, completed some major races, lead my own team at work, enjoy life more and the biggest achievement is having my own place.

Races I took part in 2011
My own place
What's in the house for 2012.
Tokyo Marathon under 5 hours- This is a start for me to race in overseas. Errr... other than Singapore in the past. Maybe racing in Asean like Thai, Cambodia or Indonesia will do less damage to my pocket.

Ultramarathon - To complete a distance longer than a marathon. My aim is Sundown 100km in Singapore in June.

Learn something new - After take up drumming, I want to learn play guitar. I bought one recently. Hope by end of next year, I will be able to impress chicks with my new skill :)

Get back together with my two angels - hope after Ian finish…

Stages in relationship

Whatever the relationship turned out to be, I always treasure the sweet memories :)

Malakoff 12km Run - last race of 2011

My 15th and final race for 2011. It was on the hilly route around Bukit Damansara. This is the time to test your stamina for a short and fast race, I managed to clock 1:13hrs. Didn't do better than last year but it's still an enjoyable race for all of us.

Sweet Nana with her pirate costume. She's the reason people like me joined the race. I hijacked her pirate hat for the photo.
There were Laif, Yusran, Ariff, Nik, Jeli, Jaja, Hadi, Julie, Irwan, Izuan, Azu and many other friends took part in the race. I lost count of how many hills we climbed on the race course.
Photo courtesy of Jason Thai.  See.. it wasn't that tough, I was happy running :)

A good closing event for my 2011 racing calendar. We had breakfast at Sri Hartamas before heading home. Hope to run my first 2012 race on 1st January 2012.

StandChart Singapore Marathon 2011

I've been running in S'pore every year for the past 3 years and all the events were marathon. So, I decided to run half this time. Main reason is I grew tired of running in ECP (East Coat Park). S'pore don't have place for people to run 42km. The only place available without having to close the road is ECP. Another reason I wanted to try half marathon because part of the running course is around Sentosa and inside Universal Studio Singapore. I've never been to this place before and I hope to take my kids to USS someday.

Thanks to Kash for picking me up at Novena and drove me to the Marina Sands Bay for race kit collection.
The start line for half marathon was at the entrance to Sentosa
Less than 3km into the race, we stuck in human traffic jam!
We had a chance running inside Universal Studio Singapore

The road was so narrow, we could rub shoulders with the runners coming from opposite way

The last 11km was on the highway to "Padang". It was bloody hot!! S…

First time bought a laptop

Last Friday I went to PIKOM PC Fair in KLCC. As usual, I hate going to PC Fair unless I have something to buy in bargained price. My kids keep begging me for a laptop for the past 2 months especially Ian. I told them to ask from their mummy because daddy has bought them PS3 last July. Unfortunately, according to my kids she reluctant to buy one for whatever reason. Being a father, I don't have a heart to do the same. Maybe you would think I like to spoil them but for all the anguish & misery that they have been through from our divorce, at least this is what I can do to make them happy.
I also realized, this is first time I bought a laptop. So far I've been using 7 laptops for the past several years, I never buy on my own, all belong to companies I worked with. After doing a quick research I bought ASUS notebook, known to be top choice by serious gamers. Well, daddy poorer by RM1299 now but for my babies I would give them the world :)