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TNF 100 Philippines 2013 - 50km Ultra Trail Running

For my first ever TNF series, I've chosen TNF Philippines. Initially I registered 100km category but later I downgraded to 50km  category because I got nervous when I read last year review about 2/3 of the 100km participants were DNFed. Top professional runners claimed that TNF Philippines is among the toughest trail course of the entire Asia Pacific and I concur to that. In majority of the races I took part, I will be in the middle pack, and that means high possibility I will not be able to complete the race before cut-off time. Ray & Chin Ann did 100km, while Ijam & me in 50km category.

Malaysian Women Marathon 2013

Initially I was planning to be a photographer for the race but then Karen (MWM Race Director) approached me if I'm interested to be a pacer because there were ladies mentioned my name to be their a pacer. Really...?? I doubt it... hahaha. Then I received a message from Kak Millie my childhood friend which we never met each other since we were in primary school about 30 years ago. I learned that she also into running and MWM will be her first attempt to run her first marathon. Later, we planned for a 30km run in Putrajaya in March together with Hanim and that was the first time I met her after all along. Married with 4 kids and over 40 year-old, she looked pretty quite a strong runner.  
This is the fourth time I paced marathon virgins after Diana, Suraya & OP Iran. I promised kak Millie not only to complete the race but the timing should be around 6 hours. The first 10km we ran together with her good friends Nannoor & Lina. While Hanim has long gone with her pacer to cloc…

Sabah Advance Challenge 2013

Every year I saw nice photos tagged to OP Bandit when he took part in Sabah Adventure Challenge (SAC). So, I decided to try it out this year. Actually, I was not keen on trail running before this but I made an exception this year after I've done Gunung Nuang 12 hours challenge earlier in March and I kinda like it. TNF Philippines is another ultra trail running I signed up in April this year. This time 3 OPs and an OPs wife taking part in SAC.  OP Bandit, OP Stupe, his wife Aileen Har and me leaving for Kota Kinabalu a day before race check-in. We stayed at a hostel for a night and get together for a dinner with OP James (MAS Engineer in KK) and OP Tuck Loong (MAS Pilot stop over in KK for that night).

The next day, we went to Mega D'Aru Hotel at Tanjung Aru for race check-in. Here I met Aman Avtar for the first time, the man behind SAC. I always hear good things about him how efficient he organized races in Sabah. I think we are in good hands in this race. The journey started…