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OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2011

I registered 52km challenge category earlier but last minute changed to 21km foldies category. Altogether the mileage was almost 50km because I cycled from home to the event ground in Dataran Merdeka. I was a bit tired after ran half marathon the night before in Putrajaya but I had so much fun :)

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011 - A Tribute to TSB

My first marathon was Putrajaya Marathon in 2007. Running a marathon is always tough due to heat either night or day time. This time around I only signed up for half marathon. I promised myself no more full marathon until end of the year. I also dedicated this run to our good friend Kharis aka TSB. He passed away 3 days before during his morning run while training for the race. He fondly known as Chomel because of his cute body shape. I have nothing bad to say about him except he's very knowledgeable about bicycle and cycling. He also has a great passion on food and he knows which place serve the best food around the town. Rest in peace bro.
 Solat Maghrib dulu sebelum race. I really impressed with Masjid Sultan Mizan
 Adination Geng
 Full marathon category. Many otais, no hot chicks :P
 Full marathon started first

 In memory of TSB
 Haaa... half marathon ramai sikit org muda :)
 Hadi sengih jer tgk ramai aweks sampai tak perasan nenek Patsy overtake dia
 It was still …


Never in my life I bought so many books at one time. Yesterday, I went to Big Bad Wolf Book Fair in MAEPS Serdang and I bought 33 books! Two of them I gave to my neighbor for her birthday presents.

Visiting Ian & Dmi

I did my best to see them at least once a month. I went to JB last weekend to spend time with my babies :)

 Not only me, they also happy to see me.
 Games, games, games
 Ian wore my t-shirt
 Showing off his newly bought Angry Bird T-shirt
Ma & Pa borong barang antique. Murah-murah belaka.
Hope we will be living together again soon
Bye bye sayang, see you again next month during school holidays

Flash mob dance in the office by Celcom's Advanced Data Team

I'm glad I work in Celcom, we had so much fun here :)

Adidas King of the Road

16.8km run is no fun to most people but for me I had a great fun run today. Now you know why I love running ;)

Congratulations to newly wed Doc Hisyam & Lyanna!

Yesterday, another one bites the dust.... again for the second time. My good friend Dr Hisyam Salleh an ENT surgeon finally met his dream girl Lyanna a MAS stewardess. Of course as a stewardess she's very beautiful girl and I think Ala (Doc Hisyam) is a lucky guy. I pray for them an ever lasting happiness together.

 He's going to end his bachelorhood today but he doesn't look convincing enough :P
Stop for regroup after Putrajaya Tol
 Konvoi ke rumah pengantin perempuan
 Whoaaa.... now standard hantaran RM20k ke?!! Lambat lagi la aku kahwin nampaknya ni.
 Rombongan pengantin lelaki
 After listening to the khutbah by the imam, being a husband is a very heavy responsibility from Islamic point of view. I might have second thought to remarry in the future. Hope all wives out there to be grateful to have husband by their side even as a second, third or forth wife.
Penyerahan emas kahwin & pertukaran cincin
 Officially Mr & Mrs Hisyam :)
 Suami mana yg tak sayang bini ooi…