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Ironman Langkawi 2008..... an extraordinary journey.

It has been my dream to participate in Ironman at least once in a lifetime. To be called Ironman, participants must complete a course of 3.8km swim, 180.2 bike & 42.2km run with total 228.2km under 17 hours. Yeah.... sounds impossible but there were hundreds of them succeed in their mission last Saturday and being humbled by the grueling challenges they were facing.

Anyway, thanks to Chief Kutus for the enjoyable ride in your Hilux. Jaja & OP Adis for your company throughout the trip to Langkawi. Bandit & Budin for being my roommate in cheap motel and Ala for guiding us around the island. Ohh...Ernie too for trying to hook me up with... hehehe. I had so much fun this weekend!!! :D

To all my Ironman friends, Bean, Stupe, Shazly, Bacin, Ishal, Azmar, Puzi, Steve, Karoline, Ariff, May Sen, Chan, Zabil, Dicky, Mat Licin, Mejar Kalam and last not least my good friend Faris Al-Sultan (ceh, mcm dia kenal aku..kehkeh)... CONGRATS!!Please cheer for me next year.

Friends in action


Cross Country 2008

This is my first cross country race since I was in RMC in 1991. Only me & Ala took part in this one. The course was about 8km and wasn't sound that challenging. But my heart beat didn't agree with that. I felt so tired probably due to Lexapro. Doctor told me not to stop so I have to continue consume them for another 6 months... gosh, hope I still can continue do all the races. Hmmm... thinking to run the Ironman's marathon leg next weekend :)

KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2008

First time took part in KL Tower towerthon. Unofficial record 25 mins from starting line near the Weld to the summit of KL Tower. Not that hard but my heart beat max all the way. Will take part again next year :)

Ian & Dmi... trip to arcade

My heart, my soul & my life.... Ian & Dmi! Took them to arcade, they were enjoyed playing video games.