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Short jaunt to BKK

The initial plan was One Night in Bangkok, but we flew earlier so that we can have 2 nights in Bangkok. Good place to shop for cheap clothing and devouring Thai food.

 When we don't have enough time to spend together at home, we go to travel together.

Weekend jaunt to Brisbane

The following weekend after the trip to Adelaide, Fiza got another a day off in Brisbane. Since I never been to Brisbane before, I joined her trip to down under again within a week.

 Like the Adelaide trip, the flight was at night and we arrived at Brisbane Airport in the morning. After Fiza got her rest at the hotel, we went out looking for lunch. Then we jalan-jalan at the shopping arcade.  In the evening, we went out running along the river. The view by the river bank was spectacular. The city is alive at night, unlike Adelaide. There were events and people were busy everywhere.
 The next day, we went to Warner Bros. Movie World near the Gold Coast. Joining us another 2 stewardesses Trista & Rachel but captain bailed out last minutes. It took 1 hour to get there by train. The theme park was full of visitors because it was Saturday. We have to queue for half an hour to enjoy some of the rides. Queuing 30 mins, but the ride just under 1 minute.    Fiza was too scared to play some…

Weekend jaunt to Adelaide

Fiza got a day off in Adelaide at the end of July. Since we never utilize free ticket for family members, I decided to join her.
The flight was at night and took about 7 hours. We touched down in the morning. After check-in, Fiza was trying to get some sleep. After midday, she woke up and we explored the city center near the malls' area.   The following day, we explored the other side of the city. The weather was nice and the sun shines all day long. We went to the museum, gallery & botanical garden.  Near the end of the day, we decided to go to Glenelg Beach about 40 mins by tram to catch the sunset. We were lucky, we were on time when we arrived at the beach. The wind was so strong and it was very cold. Before heading home we had a tasty fish and chips at a stall near the beach.
 Although it was a short trip, we were blessed to be able to spend time together despite her busy roster. It was like a honeymoon trip. Hope for many more trips to come in the near future.

Weekend jaunt to Labuan

It was my first visit to Labuan. Although the island near to Sabah, actually Labuan is Federal Territory. I was joining Fiza because she got a day off in Labuan on Sunday.
We went out to the nearest beach in the town for a morning jog. Nice 5-6km run from the hotel.

When we get to the hotel, our athlete friend Roy who is base in Labuan was calling and offering to take us out for hiking. He came to pick up us at the hotel after 3pm and drove us to a place called the Chimney at Tanjung Kubong. It was a flat trail with a nice view and some historic building called Gedung Ubat which was built by the Japanese Army during WW2.
After that Roy took us to climb Bukit Kubong. Many Labuan people come here for a very short steep climb to see the view from the top of the hill. Then we went down to the beach for a cendol.
Before we bid farewell to Roy, he dropped us at Medan Ikan Bakar for us to have dinner with other set crews. Thank you Roy for a nice short day trip around Labuan. 

Weekend Jaunt to KCH

First time I joined Sayang night stop in Kuching by boarding the aircraft she was operating. The entire crews treated me very well and I also got 1st class treatment from my Sayang. She made a special welcome drink for me.  

We stayed 2 nites at Hilton Kuching. We got a room with nice view of waterfront. On the 1st day, we walked along the waterfront and crossing over the newly built bridge. There were many tourists and locals hanging around the area until late at night. We went to TOPSPOT for seafood dinner. After dinner, we just went back to the room to sleep early because Fiza has to work early morning. 

While she was working, I went to Pasar Satok alone to buy terubuk masin and jalan2 enjoying local delicacies at Pasar Minggu Satok. Sayang came back in the afternoon but we only went out at night. We crossed the river to the other side using sampan to enjoy our dinner at My Village Barok. The food was good and there was a guy doing a solo performance at the restaurant. He sang prett…

Hari Raya 2019 - Muar

This year we both raya sans our kids and it turned to raya at Muar. We rode back to Muar 2 days before but we had to go back to KW on the 1st day raya because she had to work on a flight to Incheon at night.

Weekend jaunt to JB

When my Sayang had a night stop in JB, I decided to surprise her by riding down to JB just to spend time with her over the weekend.

A short honeymoon trip to Nusa Penida

I have been dreaming of going for a honeymoon in Bali since the day I got married... I mean since my first marriage in 1999. But I never had a chance to go until the second marriage, although it was 16 months after the actual ceremony...hehe.
It was an impromptu action, Fiza decided to go and I just follow her along. She said, let it be a birthday treat for me. The place so beautiful, we had so much fun together there and we fell in love with each other all over again.
People said Nusa Penida is like Bali before it was commercialized. Not many tourists coming here, and to get to the tourist spots you have to ride a motorbike or car very far on the treacherous long winding bumpy road. If you never ride a motorcycle, it is not advisable to ride one here, better hire a driver. You also need to be physically fit to explore these places which involved hiking through dangerous steep slopes and stairs. But the view was breathtaking and you forgot all the struggles once you reached the spots…

Dmi is a newboy in RMC

Dmi is never hesitated to join RMC even though he already spent 3 years in SDAR. I met his teachers and many discouraging him from leaving SDAR. I know SDAR is a good school especially in academic. But I believe he will learn more about life in RMC.

I told him to just go for the selection and think about it later if he got the offer. So, the selection took place in RMC for a week in January. It was a very stringent process and only creme-de-creme will be selected to be Putera. Luckily, it was smooth sailing for him and after the final interview, he got the offer. Other than him, my batchmate's son OP Budin also got selected from MCKK. These boys are all coming from good schools. The Komandan has ensured the selected boys will be trained and educated properly to be the best product the college ever produced. 

BUTM 2019 50km

Our first race this year since the TMBT last year. Same state Sabah but in a different place, at Kiulu. The view of the 10-15km was fantastic! After that not much to see. However, we managed to take a dip in one of the rivers. So refreshing, although the weather was extremely hot. We finished the race in 15:24hr which is worse than TMBT but we had so much fun. As usual, Fiza left me behind the last 4km before the finish line... :P