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Honeymoon Ride to Cameron Highland

Since our earlier plan was cancelled because we have to take Auni & Harraz for school holidays, we decided to go for a honeymoon ride to Cameron Highland instead. I was told one of the best routes to ride our Duke 690R is Sg. Koyan - Ringlet Road. An empty road with many corners and beautiful scenery which is the best kind of route for single cylinder supermotard type of bikes. From KL to Sg. Koyan via Raub quite a long journey. But the sensation only start from the junction at Sg Koyan to Ringlet. 
We reached Tanah rata quite late in the afternoon and it was tropical storm all the way from the dam area until Tanah Rata. We were completely soaked and most of our clothes also wet. Therefore, we don't have photos near the end before Ringlet & Tanah Rata.
We only go out the next day and the traffic was so terrible due to school holidays. Luckily, we rode our bikes and we can just zigzagging in between traffics.

We went home the next day via Tapah and stop at Tanjung Malim fo…

Post Wedding Trip

Fiza & I planned to go for honeymoon immediately after the wedding but somehow Fiza's kids have to tag along because their father cancelled their school holiday trip together. We felt bad for them, so we decided to cancel the honeymoon and bring them to The Haven in Ipoh instead.
There were 3 blocks here and one of them is manage by a hotel, there was an infinity pool overlooking a lake and a wooded limestone hill. Our unit facing the lake and the view was fantastic. The unit was huge but a bit expensive if book at the hotel. Better check in AirBnb for cheaper option. We should have bring along our other 2 kids Ian & Dmi but they were having fun in Italy with the other side of the family. 

Solemnization... akad nikah

The most important event in 2017. Exactly 3 weeks after IMMY 2017, we tied knot at Masjid Raja Fisabilillah Cyberjaya on 1st December 2017 same day with Maulidur Rasul. It was a simple ceremony with presence of our families and friends. We were having tough times who to invite because the masjid put a limitation on number of attendees. We would like to apologize if we didn't invite most of our close friends but we glad when some of the attendees putting it live event on the social medias for others to watch. Even most of my relatives were not invited. Ian & Dmi also were away in Italy with their mommy, a bit sad without them by our side but both parties unable to change the travelling date and wedding date. 
Thanks to my wife for single handedly did all the preparations by herself. Since this is our second marriage, the event was simple and very cost effective, we managed to handle the preparation ourselves without much help from families and friends. We didn't do any rec…

A journey of my 3rd Ironman - Ironman Langkawi 2017

The journey started since early the year when OP Zalman my junior in RMC contacted me asking whether I'm interested to do Ironman this year. Although my last Ironman race was 7 years ago, I still remember the toughest part is the commitment on the training which I wasn't really keen initially. I told him I want to let Fiza to take the slot, but he said he can try lobby to get the spots for both of us. Then, I replied... race on! We filled-in all the necessary forms and documents and submitted to My Major Events. TRAINING We didn't hear any positive news from MME until around middle of the year. Then we started being serious following the training program. I don't really have proper training plan, what I did was following Fiza's plan over the weekend and due to work commitment I tried my best to do at least one training a day during weekdays. First target is to race in the Iskandar Challenge with timing sub 7 hours. I did achieve the target and very satisfied with …

Challenge Iskandar Puteri 2017

Second year race in Challenge Iskandar Puteri. Shaved off more than an hour compare to last year. Thanks to my sayang for forcing me to stick to the training program.

Business Trip to Guangzhou

My last visit to China was 13-14 years ago when I was still working in PERNEC. At that time I went to Shanghai and Nanjing. This time around I went to Guangzhou following Fiza on her business trip.  Verdict from the trip. China yang dulu bukanlah yang sekarang. Yang dulu kotor, sekarang dah bersih sikit. Yang dulu under develop, sekarang dah makin canggih. The country almost like Japan in term of infrastructure except for the people's attitude. They work hard but lack of manners. Not all, but some of them. However, the trip was a pleasant one. Thanks to Yuss & Fahmi for guiding us around the city. It is still ok to go there even if you don't speak Mandarin. Some can converse in good English. Just be careful when dealing with them. Some not so honest, they don't care about cheating as long as they got the money. I still think China is a great country and wish to come back again soon.