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Gunung Nuang 12 Hours Endurance Race

The inaugural ultra trail running event organized by our fellow runner Jeff Ooi took place at Gunung Nuang early this month. We didn't run up all the way to the peak but we did 10km loop starting from the entrance and U-turn near Kem Lolo before the river. The race flag-off at 6am but I started 30 minutes later after Subuh prayer.
The trail still pitch black dark when we started running. Few of us carrying headlamp to ensure we follow the right path. The first light appeared after 7am. With fresh air and sound of flowing water at the nearby river, felt so calm and serene. Actually, it was my first Ultra Trail Running. I never run off-road this long before. I had minor set back when my right ankle twisted on the way down in my first loop. It was painful but it didn't stop me from continuing 4 more loops. The terrain was quite tough compare to trails in FRIM. Elevation in each loop was about 500m, that means I ran higher than Mt. Kinabalu in total! In 4th loop, running down was …