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Girls on Pink Ultra 50 and Tribute to Abang Zack

I never know there is a beautiful park exists at Putrajya Precint 11. Good place for photography session, having a picnic, to run or just strolling around enjoy the stunning landscape of the park.Btw, I was there to support another event by Pacat Team. An ultra running event just for ladies. Guys can come to cheer and cuci mata only :P
What they need to do is to run 3km loop in the blazing sun for 51km (minimum distance) in 9 hours cut-off to be bestowed as ultra finisher. But because of the view around that park like Salem High Country, I didn't feel the heat at all. Actually, in my mind I think I was in temperate climate zone :P Congrats to all finishers, podium winners and organizer. You ladies are rawk!!!

 With this opportunity, let's sadaqah al-fatihah to our friend Abang Zack who passed away only two days after we met at race venue that day. He's one of a few the most humble people I ever met.

MAEPS-Mardi Trail Run 2015

An 18km trail run in Mardi area in Serdang. The course about 90% trail with 20% deep in jungle steep elevation route which full with fallen logs and long thorns arise along the Nibong palm trunks. Pretty dangerous if you not used to trail running. Nevertheless, we completed the run in 3:05 hrs. It was a great event to burn all the lemang & rendang we had during Hari Raya.