Ironman Langkawi 2008..... an extraordinary journey.

It has been my dream to participate in Ironman at least once in a lifetime. To be called Ironman, participants must complete a course of 3.8km swim, 180.2 bike & 42.2km run with total 228.2km under 17 hours. Yeah.... sounds impossible but there were hundreds of them succeed in their mission last Saturday and being humbled by the grueling challenges they were facing.

Anyway, thanks to Chief Kutus for the enjoyable ride in your Hilux. Jaja & OP Adis for your company throughout the trip to Langkawi. Bandit & Budin for being my roommate in cheap motel and Ala for guiding us around the island. Ohh...Ernie too for trying to hook me up with... hehehe. I had so much fun this weekend!!! :D

To all my Ironman friends, Bean, Stupe, Shazly, Bacin, Ishal, Azmar, Puzi, Steve, Karoline, Ariff, May Sen, Chan, Zabil, Dicky, Mat Licin, Mejar Kalam and last not least my good friend Faris Al-Sultan (ceh, mcm dia kenal aku..kehkeh)... CONGRATS!! Please cheer for me next year.

Friends in action

Other participants

Me, myself & I... having fun in Langkawi... yahooo!!

A week after I got married, I went to Langkawi for honeymoon. But a week before divorce, I'm in Langkawi again.... hmmmm how ironic!


nurina said…
You'll go to Langkawi again in the future, who knows with whom. Have courage, you have wonderfull friends, times will get better
fluotone said…
Mr.Ironman! huyoo... ada orang pergi langkawi tak ajak.. :D

the tax free land, my favorite destination where i can buy dutyfree ciggy's, liquor & chocs.. well probably not the latter :)

have a wonderful day my good friend! everything will work out fine..

P.S: I haven't lost weight yet :(

Kam Kasturie said…
Aisey Nurina... sorry, forgot to include Kalam's name la. So many of our friends in the race this year. Hope we gonna have the same or bigger number next year. Of course includes 2 of us :) First thing first... gotta get a road bike. And no worries abt me, I'm kinda enjoy my life right now...hehehe

Bro Brian! Not yet Ironman, my turn will be next year. Langkawi is heaven man!! Just like u said all 3 sins are cheap there. Oh yeah, choc also a big sin... to you...hehehe. Haven't I told u to get an HRM. Let's do KL International Marathon next month. Plenty of times to train. Go for 10km first la... but if u wanna try full monty 42km, ur most welcome ;)
Anonymous said…
nnti pegi bali pulak ye..hhehehh
tryathlete said…
and the next time you're in langkawi, you'll be an ironman. how about that?
Kam Kasturie said…
Wana.... Bali project in June. Most probably will take in Bali tri. Still looking for a roommate. Hope I could go with someone special ;)

Tryathlete... already got a secondhand roadbike. Very cheap one with components enuff to complete cycling leg in Ironman. But gotta shape up the owner of the bike first... that will be me:)
Unknown said…
Hi Kam,Just discovered you had a blog!Hope I'm not too late in saying thank you, for cheering us on during IM08.And,sorry for my lack response to all you enthutiastic supporters,was under pressure with only 6hr45m left to make the cut off(of my first and last IM).Next year,I cheer,you suffer on the race course.Just to get you prepare,you better start liking pain!To me,IM08 was all about enduring the pain as I'm not into masochism! :P Start training for IM09,it will get your mind off things,as day and night you only think/dream about training :).
Kam Kasturie said…
Ur welcome. I know u were in pain. So, no heart feeling at all. Pls cheer for me next year. I'll be smiling all the way even in great pain. Physical pain is nothing compare to pain in my heart. It takes months or years to recover.

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