Ian & Dmi

For the past 2 weeks, I feel so happy. Why??? Because my kids are with me now. When I at work I always look forward to go home to see them. Earlier my ex & I decided to send them to JB to stay with my in-laws. But now I have second thought of doing that. Since I already lost my wife, I don't want to lose my kids too. If my ex doesn't mind the kids stay away from her, that's her problem. In fact the kids are happier with me. Although my parents take care of them when I at work, most of the time they are with me. I shower them, I have breakfast/lunch/dinner with them, I teach them homework, they sleep with me at nite, I take them out for fun, etc. Maybe if I get a daycare maid, my mom can relax a bit. The kids need a father, I can see that every time we talk.

Syukran, Ian & Dmi


afterburner73 said…
I'm so happy for you Kam. I'm sure your spirits are soaring high now that the boys are back with you.

Was it a hassle to arrange for their school transger again?
afterburner73 said…
By the way, check out my blog. I just updated it, after a prolonged absence. Busy sangat nowadays.
Anonymous said…
pls take a good care of your sons..they are really cute..
Anonymous said…
hi kam..i salute kat u because u wanna take care of yr kids.im sure yr kids r much happier staying with u..

p/s: someone introduce yr blog to me and i find it quite interesting..keep on writing ok?

~dark angel~
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks... i'm sure my ex doesnt like the idea of them staying with me. I should not be selfish of keeping them with me. I must think what is the best for them. If staying with my in-laws is the best option. I have to let them go. My in-laws are the most wonderful people I ever known. They are better at taking care of my kids than my own parents. For sure this won't be permanent. At the end of the day, Ian & Dmi will return to me.

Dark Angel... thanks for the comment. I'll never stop writing. Keep on reading k.

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