Macam-macam adaaaaa…..


I won Indoor Triathlon Challenge organized by Fitness Concept last weekend at Alamanda. What was the grand prize? A stay in Bali/Phuket and local resorts. And my next challenge is to choose which girl to accompany me ;)

IMG_1539 I’ve been searching this “Tombelli” brand for so long, finally I found it in Jusco AU2A. Hope this pair will last as long as my previous Tombelli.

IMG_1541 To much of facebook lately… I need a real book to read and i bought these 2 book at Borders last weekend. I’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point before. Same astounding facts unveiled like in his other books Blink & Outliers. While, Tony Parsons’ Man & Wife telling a story that close to what I’m facing in my life now. One day I hope I can write a story of my life which is quite interesting to tell too.

Damn! My Samsung 1.5TB harddisk kaput last weekend. I had to buy another 500GB external HDD to back up some of deleted files in my other 350GB HDD. Lost lots of photos and videos. Sent the 1.5TB for repair last Friday. Hope the technician won’t go through all my personal photos… got some x-rated ones in there…not my photos, they are someone else actually, hope she doesn’t freak out…hahahahaa

IMG_1544 Bought my fav brand Esprit jeans. 50% off from the normal price. First time I got a new pair of jeans still in plastic bag.


Ironman also got high blood pressure :P Need to monitor my BP everyday, watch my diet and exercise more often. Just imagine if I don’t do all these extreme sports, I could have stroke!!!!


Birthday celebration for Syukran, Pidah, Huzi & Farees. Everybody is here except my kids Ian & Dmi.


I went to Tony Ramos Roma’s in Mid Valley for dinner last night. This Salmon pan-snared coated with sesame was soooo goood!!!

My date for the dinner at Tony Ramos Roma’s was a gorgeous 19 year-old model. The older I become, younger the girl I get. She’s the 3rd model I’ve dated so far. I like her sexy lips, better than Amber Chia and Angelina Jolie :D


I don’t look that much older actually. Only a few years different from her ;)


Tony Roma's la bro.
Models again. Nice.
Kam Kasturie said…
Oh ye ke, tak perasan ada tanda koma. Kalau pegi dating, everything else oblivious to me. Hehehe. Eh, Suzie mcm mana? Bila nak jumpa ni?

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