Singapore Marathon 2010

This is another record breaking when I did 3 major races (1 powerman & 2 marathons) in 4 weeks. I was pushing my body over limit but I was enjoyed doing it. Anyway, don’t try this at home if you are not mentally prepared and lack of training. Seriously, most of you will give up half way or maybe not even half way :P

PC050027 I couldn’t see where the heck is start line from where I was standing.


Whoaaaa…. I couldn’t see where is the end of the line too. I must have been standing somewhere in the middle. Roughly 15,000 marathoners and 60,000 runners in total including half marathon & 10km run took part this year.

PC050022 My fellow Singaporean runners S’porean Blade Runner, Kash & Zam

PC050031 This is why we call him Blade Runner. Don’t play-play, he can cut your head with one swing kick. Anyway, despite his disability, he continues running and shame on you who have both legs but too lazy to exercise.

PC050036 One photo of myself :)

PC050044 It took me nearly 10 mins to cross start line.

PC050057 Running in the middle of the city somewhere near Chinatown.

PC050071 Half the course was in East Coast Park.

PC050079 Halfway through, another 21km more to go.

PC050090 Awesome babe! She was running in sandals, with a python strapped around her, a 20 pounds tyre hooked to her, and a monkey taking joyride in the box behind her....Look at all her muscles, sexy!
Check out her blog why she did this:

PC050107 At the 30km mark, 12km more to go.

PC050119 Great view from this spot

PC050130 My favourite quote…. 7km more to go.

PC050139 Check out her ARSE!!!! I mean check out was written on the paper. Don’t stare too long ok… hehehe

PC050158 If you think she can do and so can you…. YOU’RE WRONG!!! Marathon is a mental game. Even if your body as skinny as lizard or as tough as Arnold Susahnakeja, you will never complete a marathon if you are not mentally prepare.

PC050157Yeay! 2km more to go!!!

PC050168 This is another record breaking…. my worst ever timing! Hahahaha…. But at least I completed the race right?!

IMG_4747 The finisher medal… nice huh?! ;)

IMG_4744 And finisher tee.

One more race to go for this year Malakoff 12km Run on 19th December. Hope can I can do it sub 1 hour.


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