"The best school holiday ever!" my kids said....

Yes.... that was what my boys said! Being in a family is all what they wanted. A family doesn't mean must have both parents, being with one parent who knows what they want is good enough.

I took them out jalan-jalan every weekend.

Desa waterpark is a must go place school holidays. I don't know why they like it so much. As usual, their favourite cousins Syukran & Afif tagged along. 

We went out several times to watch movies in cinema and try new things like archery. 

Outing with Niza's family. Her son also named "Ian" excited to see Ian & Dmi. We went watching Puss in Boots. 

Every weekend full with activities. I'm glad they enjoyed being with me :)

Took them to Sunway Lagoon, but don't go during school holidays. The place jammed pack with people & tourist.

They wish school holidays will last forever.

All good things must come to an end, same goes to school holiday and it's time to send Ian back to JB. As usual, he doesn't want to go back to JB, he wants to stay with me. Their mother, decided to bring Dmi to stay with her family in KL. Not sure if it's a wise decision to separate them. But on a positive note, I will be able to see Dmi more often and get involved in his school activities.

Poor Dmi, he cried when we had to say goodbye to Ian. They never separated since Dmi was born. I'm not sure how is he going to take it. He's been telling me many times, he doesn't want to stay with his mummy. Of course he doesn't want to be in a place where he feels like an outsider. Hope it will not effect him emotionally.


Unknown said…
How are they now? ... i came to read this, initially i was just looking at ur tokyo post.
Kam Kasturie said…
Hi Cik Wani. Alhamdullillah, both of them are living in KL together with their mother. I could see them more often over the weekends and they are busy focusing on their major exams UPSR & PT3. Thank you for asking :)

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