Energizer Night Race 2012

Running a marathon is not easy. If it's easy many people would have done it. It takes a gut to sign-up, lots of sweat to break and plenty of time to train (Don't compare it with me, I'm a different breed). So, when Suraya mistakenly sign-up for a marathon in ENR 2012 (She thought she signed up for 15.5km category), she was freaked out when she found about it just a week before the race. By the way, Suraya is my colleague in Celcom, she's 41 years old, a mother of 3 kids and happily married to a guy who also into outdoor activities. Tell you my friend, she doesn't look in her 40's at all. 
Before the race
When she asked me how to prepare for a marathon in a week, I told her... "may force be with you!" There is no way she can do a marathon with a week training. However, if your mind say you can do it even physically impossible, I believe you can do it! I was willing to sacrifice my timing and offered to pace her for 6 hours marathon. She wasn't sure how react but I told her she must promise me that she will never give up half way.
During and after the race
On the race day, I could see she was very nervous.  Butt kicking, yelling like a drill sergeant, story telling, playing chasing games and some motivational talks during the race did the trick. I stayed with her from start until the last 1km, I have to run off because Newton shoes I was wearing hurt my feet like hell if I continue walking. I crossed finish line first and waiting for her 3 minutes behind me. When she crossed the finishing line after 6 hours and 8 minutes, I felt as happy as her. Helping a friend to complete her first marathon, make me feel as good as clocking a PB. Well done Suraya! Hope you will take part in many more marathons in the future.

Congrats Suraya! 6:08 is not bad timing at all.


Anonymous said…
interesting blog..see u in sabah..welcome to my kk, mr.k.k.. ;)
Kam Kasturie said…
See you in KK Anonymous! Pls say "hi" to me because I'm not sure which one is you.
Anonymous said…
hi2 and bye2 dari jauh je.. ;)

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