White water rafting at Sungai Padas

The exciting adrenalin rush tour took me down to wave 6 feet tall thrilling rapids category IV through the untamed part of Padas River claimed to be the best in South East Asia.
The adventure covers a distance of 9km of muddy 200km Padas River that hold 7 exciting & nasty rapids with amusing name such as Merry-go-round rapid, Break Point rapid, Scooby Doo rapid, Cobra rapid, Curve rapid, Lambada rapid & Head Hunter rapid! (Murut people famously known as the "Head Hunter")  
The journey first took about 1:30 hours travel from Kota Kinabalu to Beaufort Town. From thereupon, the adventure begins with 2 hours train ride tracks along Padas River. Upon arriving at start point at Pangi station, we were given safety briefing before jump into the river.
The ultimate challenge speaks for itself as we paddled through crescendo rough & nasty rapids one after another beating us left and right from start to finish. I almost lost my contact lens during the rafting.
After rafting we had sumptuous lunch before heading back to Beaufort on train and then mini van ride back to Kota Kinabalu

We took train from Beaufort

We exchanged train at Halogilat Station. Shorter train needed to negotiate the sharp bends from this point onward

Toot toooootttt! How do you like that sound?
Rafting start from Pangi
Guy in yellow is King Kong our guide

Photos from professional photographer. 

It was thrilling & exciting experience

Head Hunter rapid... watch out for head hunters by the river bank!!

Lucky I'm sitting in front. Can see my face very clear

Train ride back to Beaufort. Check out how close the rock wall, I almost hit my face against it when I put my head out of the car

Thanks to Ala (Anak Jati Sabah) for inviting me to do rafting. If not because of him, I would never had this adventure.


Anonymous said…
my sabah! :)..bestnya...tapi takut..hehehe

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