R2R (Return To RMC)

Salute to all R2R committee for pulling everybody together to organize this event of the year. The attendance was about 100 OPs for both days, may not be as many as OP-PP Games carnival but the fun is double or triple! To the Commandant OP Colonel Amiruddin, RMC staff & the Puteras.... you guys are the best host!!

I'm proud to say, my batch has the most attendance in the event. There were 17 of us OP Bandit, OP Bear, OP Ala, OP Mat Gan, OP Budin, OP Jepun, OP Black, OP Aca, OP Mandela, OP Jampok, OP Mat Yep, OP Kappy, OP Mat Kong, OP Joejo, OP Upiq, OP Man Dondeng and me (Those are their nicknames)
Registration on 1st day
The moment I came down from 3 tonner together with OP Bear & OP Jepun, RSM PW1 Che Ka shouting on top of his lungs at three of us. We were confused for awhile, why the hell he treated us like new recruits. After awhile, I got it.... he was trying to re-enact the moment we came for registration when we first reporting to RMC many years ago. He even gave us extra drill for being late for the registration. Luckily, we still remember how to drill. Unfortunately, I don't have the video or else it would be a good laugh. 

Right before lunch, OP Bikers arrived from FMC ride in the morning. Over 40 bikers from 70's to 2000's batches took part in the convoy.

A little parade was done to handover the flag back to the Commandant and Commandant himself recite the prayer and thanks to Allah for the smooth journey.

After lunch OP KA & me went to Sg. Besi town to welcome another group of OPs led by OP Tandop who cycled all the way from Changlun to RMC about 500km in total distance. Amazing huh?!
OP Tandop cycling from Changlun together with other OP cyclists

What makes our college different from other schools in Malaysia? We always have shooting event with real rifles. I never fired live bullets since leaving RMC. Although there are shooting event during OP-PP Games, I never had the opportunity to do it because the event started very early in the morning and by the time I reached RMC the event was over.
There were shooting falling plates competition using M-16 and my batch sent 2 groups since we had the most attendance. We lost in the first round but another group lost in the final.
M-16 shooting

Neck to neck competition in the final. The last plate at both side falling almost at the same time. But the judge said the other team won. Dang!!

After M-16, another round of pistol falling plate competition and this time we sent only one team I was in the team. Shooting with pistol is a lot more difficult because pistol has shorter barrel. Don't be fooled by the action movies where the hero can shoot the target so easy. This time we emerged as the champion. We glad we entertained the crowd by finishing off all the plates including the opponent's plates, something we can brag about :). Thanks to OP Mat Yep, he was the star. He even brought his own pistol and ammo to the ground.
Pistol competition, we're the champion!

The following day, group of OP golfers invited me to join them golfing at KGMTD. I haven't touch golf set since 2005 and in fact, I never play on the green before. But I pretended I can play just to experience golfing with my OP buddies. Thanks to OP Kappy for lending me the set. I was in the same flight with OP Upiq, OP Aca & OP Jepun. We managed to play 9 holes in the haze. Of course, I lost the betting and had to buy them cendol & rojak at Sg. Besi town. 
First time playing on the green with my running shoes
BBQ with two grilled lamb was the finale and the event host by OP King. More OPs came for the dinner, some took this opportunity for a reunion and also we had so much fun playing the drums. Good food with great companies... what else can we ask? I'm glad to be part of this elite circle. The camaraderie and brotherhood is beyond what I have imagine. Soon, RMC will celebrate 60th anniversary. I hope the college will continue its excellency of military background with a new campus coming up next year.
BBQ reunion dinner
Other events during weekend were "tahlil" (prayer) for the late OP Fahmi (who passed away in motorcycle accident just 2 days before the R2R), running 5 rounds pavilion (I hate it when I was a newboy), morning PT (I just being a by-stander) and lepak sembang kosong (talking cock) with fellow OPs.
Other activities
I believe the lifestyle in RMC has changed drastically compare to what I've been through 25 years ago. The ragging and torture I endured did transform me from a boy to a man. Personally I don't believe ragging and rough up bringing is necessary for young boys. We don't raise a boy like Spartan did but we do not want them be sissy either. Character building is the most important here. I hope both my boys will be joining RMC in the future.


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