Putrajaya 100

I was looking forward to run this race in sub 18 hours when I signed up in mid this year. I began my training in August after long rest recuperating from surgery in April. The training plan seems following the schedule with races every month building up my mileage. Unfortunately, I had an accident after being knocked down by a motorcycle while crossing the road back from Friday prayer just one day before my back to back marathons (Putrajaya Night Marathon and StandChart KL Marathon) in October. Due to the accident I had to go through physiotherapy for several weeks and missed all my trainings. After 5 weeks of recovering, I managed to run 10km just a week before the race. Many people told me to DNS the P100. But I'm a very stubborn person, I started the race with an objective to run as far as my legs can go. When the pain kicked in I tell myself I must stop but when my body told me to stop, my mind refused to listen and keep pushing my body to continue. It was exactly what people say about "mind over body".

My plan was to complete the race in 18 hours didn't happen but I managed to finish 100km although it took more than 25 hours. That means my body already conditioned to run long distance without much training or almost zero training. In fact, I think it was miracle because while recovering from the accident, I can still finished it without aggravating more injuries to my legs.... errr my feet a bit swollen actually.

I would like to thank Pacat Team for organizing such a wonderful race. Although it was their first time organizing such huge magnitude of Malaysia's first 100 miles road race, I think they managed to minimize the hiccups along the way. Congrats to Arman, Zulkifli, Zinov, Suzie and their army of volunteers for a successful event.

Thanks to Razinah for pacing me the first 10km before she told me go ahead because she thinks I was just too annoying when my walking pace as fast as her running pace. Nevertheless, she finished off her race in remarkable timing.

And special thanks to Man Shukor for accompanying me from kilometer 35 until we finished the race the next  morning. I think this is the longest event I've been pacing with someone in a race. We got to know each other well along the way although we just met up that day for the first time. He was so happy he finished his first 100km and I'm happy because I never thought I will finish this race. Encouraging and motivating each is the key here.

Finally, congratulations to all finishers in all categories especially first timer doing their ultra and those finishing 100 miles (160km) category. You guys are crazy! Salute!!

Another up-coming races to be organized by Team Pact are Watergate Ultra 16 hours in January 2015 (registration closed already) and 200km Patriot on Valentine's Day in February 2015.

The race started from Taman Sri Empangan

With Siaw Hua, she ran 100 miles barefoot!
At start line, all smiling before the sufferfest begins
Uncle Oliver was the oldest participant
We ran under extreme heat
First 10km can still running.... nope, running in front of the camera only

Razinah's 2nd 100km attempt

CP3 at Taman Cabaran

PANASSSS....Oh God, please have mercy on me.... give me some shades

Near CP4 together with Man Shukor

I think the toughest part is between CP3 and CP4. Heat and pain...

It took me nearly 11 hours to get to the u-turn at CP5. We had our nasik ayam lunch at 6pm. 

Sebelum sambung... Kita minum dulu kopi dulu.... let see if I can stay awake all night

Arrived at CP6 after walking in the rain and in total darkness.... mama, I want to cry... uhuks 

Thanks OP IM Syed Azlan for bringing some cakes. Try to racun him to sign-up for ultra. 

Adoiiii... rasa macam nak give up!!

Between CP7 and CP8. Both legs want to give in.

At CP8.... ada lagi 20km to go. At 3pm, lapar makan maggi cup.

Last 5km
Cuba tolak tiang pulak.... tapi tak mau tumbang :P

Finally after 25 hours I managed to complete 100km.. yeayyy!!!

Thanks Man, it was a great journey together to chase our dreams

Physiotherapy after the race was soooo goood! Habis rosak kakiku.

Finisher medal & t-shirt

Pictures credit to Marlina, Isaac, Syed Azlan and others photographer who were willing to spend their time to cover the P100 event. Thanks guys!!

Last advice... if you don't train, don't race, or else you will be suffered.... unless you love sufferfest, go chase your dream....


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