Team OP at Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya

Just a few days before the race OP Saharuddin contacted me if I'm interested to replace him in OP relay team because he can't make to race due to work commitment in Dhaka. Initially, I was very interested because I thought he wants me take up the running leg. But then he mentioned, I have to swim for the team because the other two members cannot swim. I told him I'm not sure if I can do it because I have not swim for the past 2 years after PD Tri in 2014. It took me until the next day to confirm with him. I have no time to training because busy at work for GST deployment, not even swim practice at the race venue on Saturday morning. The other two team members OP Monzar (cyclist) and OP Sopet (runner) were pretty much ready for the race. At that moment, I felt so nervous because the fate of the team relies on me. If cannot finish the swim within cut off, the team will be DQed,..... stress! 

I went to Putrajaya around noon on Saturday to pick up race kit and listen to race briefing. I met many familiar faces. There were many unfamiliar faces too, with group like Tadanamo more and more new batch of athletes take up triathlon recently.

Race kit pick up and race briefing
Only on Saturday I start digging to find my tri pants and goggles. Luckily, I found them and both items were in good condition. I rode my motorcycle to Putrajaya early in the morning. Reached there around 6am. After performing Subuh prayer at Masjid Besi, I went to transition area to get ready in swimming attire.  

Lucky number 1018

Get ready for the race
This time there were many OPs taking part in the race. Some in individual category and the rest in relay team. 
Team OP at start line

Beautifully captured by OP Fariz Atraz using his DSLR

OPs in action. All of us in our late 30s and above.

Great view of bridge in the background

Credits to OP Fariz & Hsing Ling for the photos
So, how does it feel swimming for the first time after 2 years in hiatus?? First 50 meters was okay. I feel like I can continue at that speed but after that all my muscles starting to cramp-up. Shoulders feel very tight, spasm in my stomach, neck become stiff and legs were about to have their own mind. Everything was out of control! If I never done this before, I might get panic but I managed to calm myself and slowdown my pace. After 500 meter, I got my rhythm back and everything was under control until I finished 1.9km swim in 1:01 hrs... Woohoooo!! Not bad huh?!  
Thanks to Tey for these nice photos of me finishing the swim leg.
Monz turning my photo above into green thing.... the Hulk... grrrr

All completed their swimming leg

I wish I can continue with cycling

Okay, I've done my part. Now it is Monzar's turn to suffer.

Cycling under the hot sun was not an easy task
Second transition between cyclist & runner... GO SOPET GO!!

Family also play an important role in the race. They are the strongest support team. I wish my kids were here.

Last leg, running in extreme heat... 

Finally, here comes the finish line. Total time was 8:13 hr.

Congrats Team OP86-90C! Each of us is 1/6 Ironman...hehe


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