Dmi is a newboy in RMC

Dmi is never hesitated to join RMC even though he already spent 3 years in SDAR. I met his teachers and many discouraging him from leaving SDAR. I know SDAR is a good school especially in academic. But I believe he will learn more about life in RMC.

I told him to just go for the selection and think about it later if he got the offer. So, the selection took place in RMC for a week in January. It was a very stringent process and only creme-de-creme will be selected to be Putera. Luckily, it was smooth sailing for him and after the final interview, he got the offer. Other than him, my batchmate's son OP Budin also got selected from MCKK. These boys are all coming from good schools. The Komandan has ensured the selected boys will be trained and educated properly to be the best product the college ever produced. 

The selection week

We are so proud of him!
Say goodbye to SDAR

Lapor diri in RMC

Finished his orientation week

First overnight. He brought home his friend.

I asked him to join my batch R8 1987-1991 the plaque placing ceremony

Kursus Jati Diri at Ayer Keroh

His first-semester break. We managed to celebrate my birthday together.


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