I completed 42km KL International Marathon on my 34th birthday

This is my first KLIM. Missed last year coz I had to go to Islamabad. Coincidently, today is my birthday and the organizer announced at the event that i'm the birthday boy.

I have no mood to write in details about the run. More pix in my facebook.

Time Lapse Pace
5km 0:34:35 0:34:35 0:06:55
10km 1:12:21 0:37:46 0:07:33
15km 1:50:53 0:38:31 0:07:42
20km 2:23:38 0:32:45 0:06:33
25km 3:05:27 0:41:48 0:08:22
30km 3:45:47 0:40:20 0:08:04
35km 4:29:56 0:44:09 0:08:50
40km 5:19:45 0:49:49 0:09:58
42km 5:33:08 0:10:22 0:05:11


~ayoi~ said…
Not bad for a first timer. Next year boleh buat 5H lak kot?

A very precious way to celebrate your birthday.
Kam Kasturie said…
Bro, first KLIM but not first marathon. This is my 3rd after Penang Bridge & Putrajaya Marathon.

Next year, Ironman la...hehehe

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