Great feeling!

I just wanna say that whatever i wrote in this blog, sometimes about my personal life, i didn't mean that i'm looking for sympathy atau "menagih simpati". It's merely a way to let things out from inside me. I don't like to talk about my problem with people face to face, so this is the place to let it out. I promise no more sad entries as i'm feeling so much better now. I'm moving on. Yay!!

Since Hari Raya just around the corner, i'm looking forward to spend raya holidays with my kids. Then seriously start training for my Langkawi IM09. I've only 4 months of training and 1 month for tapering. Then the hardest part is watching out my diet. If not i can be ballooned up easily. Just look at my pix during PD tri a few months ago. I was 78 kgs compare to now 71kgs. Anyway, dun wanna miss last chance to wallop all i can during raya....hehehe


Anonymous said…
wahh...7 kilos off!! cool man! i pulak need to put on a few !! susah tau.... anyways, hoping to see more of u masa training IM nanti.yeehaaa!!! bentong jom !!
dochisyam said…
It's okay bro, it's your blog. You write whatever you want as long as it's not politically stabbing, racially sensitive or religiously intolerant. People dont like it , please dont read. I believe writing is therapeutic for you.
Keep it up.

Doc ala
Kam Kasturie said…
Bentong on Sunday.... jom!

Some people thot i'm just a pathetic bastard trying to seek sympathy from other people. Well, wait till they in my shoes.

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