Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011 - A Tribute to TSB

My first marathon was Putrajaya Marathon in 2007. Running a marathon is always tough due to heat either night or day time. This time around I only signed up for half marathon. I promised myself no more full marathon until end of the year.
I also dedicated this run to our good friend Kharis aka TSB. He passed away 3 days before during his morning run while training for the race. He fondly known as Chomel because of his cute body shape. I have nothing bad to say about him except he's very knowledgeable about bicycle and cycling. He also has a great passion on food and he knows which place serve the best food around the town. Rest in peace bro.

 Solat Maghrib dulu sebelum race. I really impressed with Masjid Sultan Mizan

 Adination Geng

 Full marathon category. Many otais, no hot chicks :P

 Full marathon started first

 In memory of TSB

 Haaa... half marathon ramai sikit org muda :)

 Hadi sengih jer tgk ramai aweks sampai tak perasan nenek Patsy overtake dia


 It was still hot at night in Putrajaya


 Kita makan pisang dulu

 Take a break, cuci mata sikit

 Let's dancing to rhythm first 

 Patung yg hidup

 Superman pun tolong cheer jgk! Ada lagi 4 characters with him.

 Azmar, bakal pengantin tak lama lagi

Perut lapar, belasah jer la apa yg ada

One more addition to my collection


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