Congratulations to newly wed Doc Hisyam & Lyanna!

Yesterday, another one bites the dust.... again for the second time. My good friend Dr Hisyam Salleh an ENT surgeon finally met his dream girl Lyanna a MAS stewardess. Of course as a stewardess she's very beautiful girl and I think Ala (Doc Hisyam) is a lucky guy. I pray for them an ever lasting happiness together.

 He's going to end his bachelorhood today but he doesn't look convincing enough :P

Stop for regroup after Putrajaya Tol

 Konvoi ke rumah pengantin perempuan

 Whoaaa.... now standard hantaran RM20k ke?!! Lambat lagi la aku kahwin nampaknya ni.

 Rombongan pengantin lelaki

 After listening to the khutbah by the imam, being a husband is a very heavy responsibility from Islamic point of view. I might have second thought to remarry in the future. Hope all wives out there to be grateful to have husband by their side even as a second, third or forth wife.

Penyerahan emas kahwin & pertukaran cincin

 Officially Mr & Mrs Hisyam :)

 Suami mana yg tak sayang bini ooiii!

Pengapit dua-dua belah dah kahwin.

 Photo session with our RMC batchmates

 Jeling-jeling manja chewah!


Ambik berkat duduk kat high table

Semoga berkekalan sehingga ke akhir hayat.

Ala... I know you will be a better husband for the second time and being more appreciative of her as your wife
Lyanna... there is no such thing as live happily ever after like in fairy tales. The challenge start now and I'm sure you will be a good wife to Ala.


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