Group Advanced Data - Hari Raya Gathering

It was the last event we celebrated as Group Advanced Data. After this the team to be split into different groups. It was fun celebration we started with Gangnam Style dance which I do not want too post the video here due to strong condemnation by my fellow close minded Malays who think the world revolves around them. Everything outside our culture is deemed as unIslamic and should be punished in hell!!
It was fun celebration
 Nevertheless, it enjoyable event with sumptuous food and raya performance by each team in GAD. My team sang M. Nasir's raya songs and it happened to be Dato' Shaz's favourite. Immediately, after we finished sing the song he gave each of us RM50!! Alhamdullillah rezeki. Other teams all tak puas hati... hehehe
Tell you my office full with beautiful chics
 Introduce my team members from left Nadiah, Azmin, me, Roslee, Jumy & Eddy. One more guy Azman didn't want to join the photo session. Guess who's the youngest??
My team members, Business Planning & Commercial Team
Arrrgggghhhh.... I don't care, I want to share our Gangnam video! Try spot me in the video if you can... hehehe


Anonymous said…
wow...oppa "raya" style! hahaha...

Kam Kasturie said…
After a dozen times of practising, I think I'm very good at Gangnam Style dance ;)
Anonymous said…
hahaha...awesome!meriah!show this vid to Psy la(twitter)..mesti dia suka tgk..bila dgr lagu ni,can't wait for my trip to seoul this nov..woohoo!

Erma said…
Hi I'm reading your blog for the first time.

The Gangnam video, are you guys cool or what? This should go viral alreaady! :))
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks for stopping by Erma.
Too many Gangnam videos parody going viral nowadays. Obviously, this one can't beat the others :P
Giler gempak budak opis sumer sporting! best best best!

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