River Jungle Marathon 2012

 I just did Songkhla Marathon 2 weeks ago, many would think I'm insane to run another one. Doing two marathons in 14 days qualify me to be in the Bronze Level list of "Marathon Maniac" hall of fame. In less than 2 weeks before my Ultramarathon in Singapore, I decided to proceed with this race as my last LSD before the Ultra.

 Since this is boutique marathon, only insane runners joining the race. Those were still sane took part in Adidas KOTR held on the same day. That one only 16.8km is nothing compare to this hilly marathon. Usual suspects I met were Ray, Cikgu, Ijam, Tey, Yim, KA, Aini, Sab, Azhar, Mohan, Irina, Kak June, Karen, Shine, Karim, Nik Raiha, YKK and many others.
Briefing before the race
 The event began at Choon Hwa School opposite Balai Polis Batu 18. Race start at 5am and we were there earlier for race briefing by James the race director.
First 10km into the race
 First 15km I ran with a girl who ran her 3rd marathon. Her pace just nice, not too slow. Until the 1000ft elevation at Bukit Hantu, I left her behind. I just need to take longer break later at the waterfall after Bukit Hantu... hmmm, you know what I mean
Bukit Hantu (Haunted Hill) stretch
 After cleared my bowel, I ran fast downhill to junction Jalan Sg. Tekali. Met Khoo at the water station there. He brought along her kids to help the volunteers. From there we all could see Semenyih Dam beautiful morning view.
Jalan Sg. Tekali stretch (near Semenyih Dam)
 Around 30km mark, we were surprised when the organizer served us with fresh coconut drinks. After the junction to Pekan Batu 18, I bumped into cycling geng CK, Foli, Nizar & 2 other guys, on their way to Genting Perez.
Around 30km mark
 The sun getting hotter and hotter in last 10km stretch through Kampung Sg. Lui. Kampung folks were amused looking at us running through their village and some of them waved at us.
Kampung Sg Lui stretch
 Finally, I crossed finish line in 5:08 hours which is quite a good timing for this hilly route. I didn't push because I don't want to get injured before the Ultra. I think at this moment I can easily clock sub 5 if the course is flat, I stop taking photo, no chit-chatting at the aid stations and focus to finish strong. But.... where's the fun, right???  
Finish line Pekan Batu 18
 This is very enjoyable race and I wish to take part again next year. I strongly recommend this event to all my marathoner friends. Hope to see you guys in Ultra Craze in 2 weeks time. May force be with us to finish strong in the next race. Train smart, stay away from injury and enjoy the race!!
After the race


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See u soon at Craze mr. Pencabul mermaid...haha

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