Titi 50 (50km ultramarathon)

A week after TNF 100 Thai, I was badly need a recovery run, so I took part in an inaugural event Titi 50, a 50km ultramarathon. Crazy??? Not really, more like stupid..! Actually, I was mistakenly registered this race end of last year not knowing there will be 100km ultra trail a week before. Luckily, I signed-up for 50km category only because I was almost hit a button to register Titi 100 for 100km category.

The main reason I took part in this race is to support local organizer. I must applaud the men behind this race Jeff Ooi and Allan Lee for their effort to make this event a successful one. It is not easy to organize a race because I did involve once in Xterra Kuantan in 2010.

usual suspects at start line
The race started at 12am.... yup midnight. Those in 100km category was flagged off under scorching sun at 4pm earlier and their route stretched all the way to Titi town in Jelebu Negeri Sembilan. This route is popular among the cyclists with steep uphill and the notorious Genting Perez! I cycled here many times before because not many traffics even during daytime but at night, this route is very creepy. I never wanted to drive along this road alone at night. Many paranormal encounters were reported here. This is the place where people got kidnapped and killed before their bodies were thrown down the ravines....ok, that one I was kidding. But I remember a high profile case many years ago when a singer was kidnapped and murdered, then his body was dumped somewhere along this route. 
Not gonna be very difficult if I don't run 100km a week before:P

 I had a great run for the first 25km until the U-turn. I ran with Ijam most of the time going uphill from 10km mark. We bumped into several 100km runners on the way up. I salute these people. They were still  going strong even after 70km of running. 
First 25km until the U-turn
 After the U-turn, Ijam left me behind because he suddenly got a second wind. But me, it was very painful downhill when lactic acid started accumulating at both legs and at some stretches I was running alone in pitch black night. I saw something like leprechauns dancing on the road but I'm sure I was hallucinating because I was sleepy and very tired. I should never do this run before fully recovered from the previous race. Yeah yeah... I'm a stubborn person.
Coming back was tough
 After the last CP about 9km from the finish line, I got plenty of time before the cut-off. So, I decided to walk (errrr... limping actually) all the way to finish line while enjoying the morning fresh air. Finally, near the finish line Fath was calling me from behind begging me to let him overtake me for the first time. But I didn't let it happen easily....sorry bro, hehehe. We crossed the finish line together in 8:01 hrs.
 It was a good race and well done to all finishers and the organizer too! Next year Titi100?? We'll see :)

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