Camping in Janda Baik

This is one of a few weekend getaway places near to Kuala Lumpur. Just under an hour drive, you will get to enjoy the green forest and fresh air. Too bad, nowadays many city slickers unable to blend themselves with the nature. They so used to be indoor and they missed out all the fun to be outdoor. They are too "manja", their body cannot take mosquito bites at all.
Blending with the nature
  Joining the trip were OP Doc Raja and OP Sean together with their wives and kids. OP Iran has three girls is married to an Argentinian. OP Doc Raja and his wife Doc Azura have two girls. OP Sean is married to Ila has two boys and I married to nobody brought along my two heroes Ian and Dmi. 
Great location
 OP Iran and OP Doc Raja are used to camp around this area several times before. This time around they suggested Zaini Guest House. There are many guesthouses, chalets, camping grounds and even a hotel is available in Janda Baik. The place will be very busy during the weekends. We went there on the weekdays, although it was school holidays, we were lucky there were not many people as I expected.
Our tent was the smallest
Ian and Dmi helped set up the tent; put sleeping mats and sleeping bags in order. I'm glad it wasn't raining at all during our camping.
One of the chalets
 There was small stream and a bridge at the entrance of Zaini Guest House. I love the setup.

 Thanks to OP Sean for a great BBQ dinner. He's an ultimate Braai Master, he knows how to grill the meats. We had grilled lambs, burgers, sausages, chicken wings and rib eye steaks. Yuuummmmyyy!!! 
BBQ dinner
After dinner, we just sat around the campfire chatting with the owner's wife. The owner is Encik Zaini a kampung boy. His wife is a French lady who has been living in Malaysia for more than 10 years. They have three-year old daughter who can speak French, Malay and English. She told us an amazing story of how she ended up marrying a kampung boy who never leave this place of all his life. 
The place has big open field in the middle. So, the kids can run around playing games. 
Kids were having fun
The next day we went to another slightly bigger stream opposite the place. It was fun dipping ourselves in crystal clear water. 
Bonding time
 We're hanging around here for 2 hours and there were several chalets and guesthouses on both sides of the riverbank.
Mandi sungai
Ohhh... by the way, OP Iran and OP Doc Raja were my one year seniors in RMC and OP Sean was my two years junior. They all doing extremely well in their career and life. It feels like I'm the only one flopped here...haha
From left: Me, OP Doc Raja, OP Sean & OP Iran
Well, everybody had so much fun and we are considering to organize another camping trip soon. And big thanks to OP Iran for organizing the trip.
One big family


Unknown said…
I agree, many people nowadays choose to be indoors. Lebih selesa kot. I'm relieved that my other half is the outdoorsy type. Kalau his idea of outing is going out jalan2 kat malls je...I'd go bonkers. Huhu. And your boys are lucky to be experiencing all this. Tak semua bapak2 nak ber-camping :)
Kam Kasturie said…
Kalau takde OP Iran, I pun malas nak pegi camping. Nasib baik ada diorang ni.
Unknown said…
The place looks very nice, my family and i are planning a camping trip and i was wondering if you still have the contact number for this place.
Kam Kasturie said…
Hi Elaine, I'm sorry for not responding earlier. I haven't had a chance to check my blog. You can find their contact number via this website
Anonymous said…
Hi, may i know the location for your camp site? i want to know details how to book.. can you please contact me at or whatsapp me 0133723512... thank you for your kind attention! GREAT family you have there.. :)
Kam Kasturie said…
Hi Anas, you may find their contact on the website

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