Ironman Langkawi 2014

After 4 years in hiatus, Ironman Langkawi came back this year on 27th September. I decided to go to Langkawi to cheer all my friends especially Team OP. This year the number of participants doubled up compare to the last time I did in 2010. Luckily, the weather is so nice in September unlike what I had to endure an extremely hot weather at the peak of dry season in month of February. However, bike route was pretty tough this time around with quite steep rolling hills at Datai. 
Well, I can't say much about the race experience because I didn't compete this year. Please enjoy the photos below:

Yes, Xterra coming to Langkawi in May next year

Doc Pui San's first Ironman attempt, with Stupe's kids

OPs in the race

Lini & Pui San

IM Stupe is getting ready

Bike check in

Carbo-loading dinner
The next table
Race day starts with swim
It was rolling start

Your prediction how fast you going to swim determined in which start wave you're going to be

Nothing much you can see from this far

Supporters are watching from behind the transition area

Anna a French girl working in KL lectured me NOT to eat nasi lemak, roti canai and teh tarek for breakfast

Dylan from NZ first to come out from the water in 46 mins for 3.8km swim!!

She's admiring his body

More pros into the transition area

Among the first few ladies

The fastest in OP team

Doc PS was pretty fast too

OP Stupe

Oy Leen in action

Sexy looking Pinoy babe ;)

Ling Ling first attempt

Uncle Yee's 16th Ironman at 77 year-old age... RESPECT!!

After the swim... they are going to cycle 180km!!

It was sunshine but not too hot 

With Kannan the only Malaysian Ultraman finisher... and he finished twice!!!

Ladies I met at SAC in April, came to support Ironman

With OP Farouk & OP AJ, came to support our friends

WAK.... Wife And Kids

Long climb

Some already pushing the bike like a guy in my background

OP Farouk, OP Bandit & me went to Datai

Stop over at Petronas Telaga Tujuh

True spirit of OP

When Red Bull said TOUGH ZONE... you better believe it!

Through the tunnel

Near U-turn at Datai

Yuriko from Japan, always smiling when we took her photos

Ling Ling looking strong

Kampung kids also volunteered for the race

Kirsty from Oz is one fast runner, she clocked 4:39 for 42km!

OP Syed Bull feels positive about the race

It wasn't that hot unlike weather in Feb

Victoria pushing the last leg

With Azwat, IM Ish, Aileen & Nadia

OP Iran is one tough competitor

OP Azmel is struggling going into last loop 

With Hanif, he's here to support Ghaz our SAC partner in crime

Very cheerful cheering team from OP families

Only seasoned IM can stop chit chatting with the supporters

Another seasoned IM stopped for photos with his admirers

Finish line, this is the line every competitor wishes to cross before 17 hours

Beautiful sight when about to end the suffering

overlooking the eagle statue

Multiple IM Yusran about to complete his race

OP Jabir... cry of joy over his accomplishment

Ling Ling has come a long way to this level since the day we first met many years ago

OP Syed Bull's huge grin because he's going to be part of exclusive club

Despite ITB injured, OP Stupe still continue to finish the race

OP Farouk and IM OP Iran

This couple Ninik from Indo & Alex from Germany have been holding hands throughout the running leg

Nik Raiha a mother of 4 completed her 2nd Ironman

OP Azmel's first Ironman

Uncle Yee at 77 yo completing his 16th Ironman.... Amazing!!

Hadi is an Ironman!

Ghaz in the last 3rd placing managed to complete within cut-off.... fantastic!!

Well done team OP!! Let's do it again next year.
Many IM newbies managed to complete their first Ironman this year. Congratulation Ironmen on your amazing feat!! Anything is possible! Those DNFed, get up and continue to fight another day. And thanks to Stupe for buying me supporter's t-shirt and Terk for letting me crash in his apartment.


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