Business Trip to Guangzhou

My last visit to China was 13-14 years ago when I was still working in PERNEC. At that time I went to Shanghai and Nanjing. This time around I went to Guangzhou following Fiza on her business trip. 
Verdict from the trip. China yang dulu bukanlah yang sekarang. Yang dulu kotor, sekarang dah bersih sikit. Yang dulu under develop, sekarang dah makin canggih. The country almost like Japan in term of infrastructure except for the people's attitude. They work hard but lack of manners. Not all, but some of them.
However, the trip was a pleasant one. Thanks to Yuss & Fahmi for guiding us around the city. It is still ok to go there even if you don't speak Mandarin. Some can converse in good English. Just be careful when dealing with them. Some not so honest, they don't care about cheating as long as they got the money. I still think China is a great country and wish to come back again soon. 


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