Solemnization... akad nikah

The most important event in 2017. Exactly 3 weeks after IMMY 2017, we tied knot at Masjid Raja Fisabilillah Cyberjaya on 1st December 2017 same day with Maulidur Rasul. It was a simple ceremony with presence of our families and friends. We were having tough times who to invite because the masjid put a limitation on number of attendees. We would like to apologize if we didn't invite most of our close friends but we glad when some of the attendees putting it live event on the social medias for others to watch. Even most of my relatives were not invited. Ian & Dmi also were away in Italy with their mommy, a bit sad without them by our side but both parties unable to change the travelling date and wedding date. 

Thanks to my wife for single handedly did all the preparations by herself. Since this is our second marriage, the event was simple and very cost effective, we managed to handle the preparation ourselves without much help from families and friends. We didn't do any reception because we rather spend the money for our kids then use it for wedding reception. In fact none of our friends who are married for 2nd or 3rd time ever do a reception or bersanding, unless the bride is anak dara.

My wish for this marriage would be blessed by Allah, romantic and fun with constant nourishment to survive and thrive. We will spending time together and enjoying each other company.

My beautiful wife

The solemnization

Mas kahwin

Cake with our figurine on top

Simple hantaran
Fiza's family

My family

Families & friends

Photoshoot after the ceremony

Special thanks to Bandit for being my Best Man, last minute request. Without him on the D-day it will be disaster. Huge thanks to Tri Diva Diana, Harum & Ann for helping my wife from a day before the event. Thank you also to the photographer Fadil & videographer Yusri for wonderful shots. And our gratitude to all our family and friends for showing your support of our relationship.  

Our theme song for the wedding


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