KTM Duke 690R - Ronda-ronda layan korner


Wow macam Awie ngn Ziana dlm filem Sembilu
Unknown said…
Salam. How much is the maintenance cost for this bike? Im planning to buy this bike for weekend ride KL-Ipoh. Tq
Kam Kasturie said…
Wsalam En Ahmad Naqib. Maintenance for this bike is not that high. Normal engine oil change every 5000km, tyre change, top up coolant, chnge brake pads, among others. Also depends on how you ride the bike. Most people like to ride hard. So, it could ruin your engine faster. By the way, if you want to use the bike for commuting on the highway, I would suggest you to buy MT-09 tracer. You can get the bike for the same price as duke 690R.
Unknown said…
Tq for your reply. Would you mind to share how much exactly the cost for the parts which you mention earlier? Most probably will buy KTM Duke 690 since i really like this bike. Would also be using this bike for daily commuting (go to office/lepak). Weekend ride to visit my wife at Ipoh (twice a month).
Kam Kasturie said…
For engine oil around RM100 if motorex or half the price if elf, and you need 2 bottles plus 2 oil filters, easily hit RM300 plus for normal change engine oil service. Tyre front around 500 and rear tyre around 700. Brake pad front around 600 and rear brake pad around 400. Few months ago, I had problem with my camshaft, cost about a thousand to repair. And recently, my braking system got stolen, I had to spend about 5000 to replace with a new one. It is costly if coming from kapcai user's perspective, but if you can buy the bike, it shouldn't be a problem to you.

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