KTM Duke 690R with Power Bomb

Recently, Fiza bought herself a Duke 690R and it comes with power bomb installed by replacing the catalytic converter. This result lighter bike and powerful loud sound. I think the sound very cool and it makes people turn their heads around to see what bike is it. So, I get power bomb for my Duke last week paid by Fiza as birthday gift... thank you sayang ;). Also, changed a new camshaft after the old one badly scratched from jammed rocker arm.

I went riding to Muar & Segamat last weekend, I can feel every thump on my chest with the thumping sound. It is also fun when I pulled the throttle a bit right near the traffic lights and it lets out an explosive boom that always scares people around...hahaha. Hope my neighbours won't hate me. :D

New bike... bau kedai lagi.

Road tripping to Johor

testing GSX-S 1000F


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