RMAF Half Marathon 2008

The largest take-off thousands of runners at the Sungai Besi Royal Malaysian Air Force Base runaways at 6.30am. The last RMAF Half Marathon was 10 years ago and this one was held in conjunction of RMAF 50th Celebration on 1 June. The runners was flagged off by RMAF Chief of Staff in very fashionable way by using para-flares & thunder-flash. Last time I saw these during battle trainings in RMC. The sky was lighted with dozens of them. I started a bit late coz busy doing my business in the toilet...hehehe

When I started run, the starting line was cleared. I was 5 minutes behind but managed to catch up. Running on the runway was an exciting experience with all the flares gliding down above our heads. The course more or less same like KLIM. The weather was great and my pace also great. Since I've been left behind, I've no intention to increase speed. Met Haza at Jalan Istana. Also met up with Joejo near Jalan Sultan Ismail and I decided to accompany him all the way. He did pretty good compare to last KLIM. And my timing also better than Klang Half Marathon. Official time 2:27 minus 5 mins.

Altho my mood wasn't really good I feel great today. Met Ala's parents & Chip at the refreshment. Carpooled with Azmar & Rashid. Then we went to Tanglin met up with Le Tuangers who did 20km run to Seri Hartamas and the rest of the group who did RMAF were also there. They could not miss nasi lemak & mee kicap. Everyone had a great Sunday :)


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