A Famosa Triathlon 2008

1st of 2008 triathlon series. Did better than last year. Completed the race in 3:33. Gotta practice more on swimming and do more brick training combining a two or more legs. The most important thing.... I had so much fun!!!


Keipo said…
Hi,congrate on your achivement,don know u know me bo ? haha

ok...if u interest to view around 1600 photos of this event,pls invite me as pmtey to be your friend after u join multiply

my site:


pls mention who u r ya in the text message..after I accept u ,u will able to view my site.


Upiq said…
Sampai finishing line siap bleh sengih lagi...

Fit arr lu.. you look great bro.. hensem, gagah dan rajin.
zulhassan said…
yang penting have fun dalam setiap perkara... walaupun race. taniah
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks guys!!! Bergumbira sambil berlumba....keh keh keh
Anonymous said…
Congrats, Kam! Arent you tired racing every sunday? :)

I met your Cikgu Adnan today at NB15K. He's on a mission to cycle to Beijing next monday 26/5. Superb old timer! Will put it in my blog. Did he teach you?
Kam Kasturie said…
No, i am not tired racing every weekend. I must continue racing & training for the Ironman preparation next year :)

Cikgu Adnan was my art teacher in RMC. He also was my support crew during Kapas-Marang Swimathon recently. He's super strong old man who put shame to the young people half his age.

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