Malakoff Charity Ride 2008 - Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu - 480km journey

"It wasn't easy but worth the torture". What else can I say about this event. The Malakoff Charity Ride 2008 was held from 17-19 May. The intensive cycling of 150-160km daily for 3 days from Gombak to Kuala Terengganu is to raise more than RM60k for charity homes located en route. It has been rewarding experience to help the less fortunate.

From SWS staff I managed to collect RM377 and plus from Bandit's company & others like Chief Kutus in total we collected nearly RM800 given to Rumah Anak Yatim & Kebajikan Darul Izzah Temerloh. I personally handed the money to Ustaz Zul.

Malakoff has done great jobs organizing the tour with 70 cyclists on the first day to more than 100 on the final day (joined by cyclist club in Kemaman) with full support of police car, police riders/marshal controlling the traffics, support 4WDs & a lorry with tons of mineral, sport drinks & bananas (yes... we were monkeys) & one ambulance followed us from behind in case accident happens (actually one accident happened at lunch stop near Marang)

I have great respect of people in Malakoff especially OP Ahmad Jauhari the CEO. He's probably the fittest CEO/MD in Malaysia. Unlike other CEOs who have to carry their belly, AJ as known among the peers has an athletic body built and he is running marathons & competing in duathlon/triathlon. I'm not shame to say he's is fitter than me who is 20 years younger. Like other CEOs who have boy toys like Ferraris or Ducatis.... AJ owns an aeroplane. I'm waiting an invitation to fly with him.

Definitely I'll be joining the ride next year.


Chief Kutu said…
U have just been appointed the Media Director of Le'Tuang.
OP Kam said…
Set tuan!!! When r we going to design our very own Le'Tuang jersey?
Upiq said…

You've completed another feat..!!

Tough nut...
naz runnaz said…
Perghh...Malakoff Duathlon join ka?
OP Kam said…
Masuk-masuk, tapi masuk satu jer yg kat UPNM.
bola2api said…
yo kam..

some ppl kata best, some ppl kata tak best sbb speed was set below 30km/h. for me, sedang elok jer.

nice meeting you and hope u guys can join next yr insya allah. and kalo ada ride yg best2 tuh, sound2 la i OK? thanks :)
Hai there...visit our blog for the malakoff charity ride 2009
Hai there..visit our blog for the Malakoff Charity Ride 2009
Anonymous said…
Well... that's amazing but frankly i have a hard time understanding it... wonder how others think about this..

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