Broga loop, 3 times in a week!

I did 3 times Broga loop in a week. I clocked almost 400km of mileage in just one week. A tragedy at Bt 18 Ulu Branang when a pile ups was happened on the 1st January 2009. 4 person injured and have been sent to hospital. I was lucky when my tire was punctured and was left behind from the front pack. If not, i could be one of the victims. Hope no more accident among the cyclist this year.


dochisyam said…
Well done bro,
Unfortunately we cyclist if we remain obsessed with speed, accidents WILL happen anyhow.
Occasionally you can blame it on the motorists, on the road or even god....But most times it is our own doing
Pleas ride safe.
ala usat
Kam Kasturie said…
After Ironman, jom rock climbing... gian pulak aku.

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