Naza Citra.... convenience or drawback?

I haven't writing lately because I don't have mood to do it. Creativity only comes when I'm depress, and I'm not longer in that condition anymore (thank god!). Since i'm not a good writer (my ex always ridiculed my writing and she was right about it anyway), I need something to motivate me to express myself in this blog. This blog suppose to be about myself after all. I wish i can write like OP Doc Hisyam, he's one of my idol because he is a very good descriptive writer. His writing full with colors, wisdoms & jokes too. 
I want to tell you about my car Naza Citra. Although I've lost my wife & my kids after the divorce, this car seem to be clung together with me. I wanted to sell it off but it doesn't have secondhand value. So, I've to stick with it until I have enough money to let it go and get myself a new... ehem ehem... sports car. Why i bought the car? Because of my wife (ex). She wanted an MPV although I've told her it's too big for our small family and gas guzzling for city driving. She wanted a spacious mini van to transport the kids to school and herself to work. Because I love my family so much, I complied to her demand (I was a good husband wasn't I... hehehe). The car was literally owned by her. I only drove it over the weekend or to fill-in the gas, and most of the time when I went for racing or training I rode my motorbike or carpooled with my friends because I don’t want to trouble my wife if she wants to go  out with her friends.
I cannot deny the Citra is a very good long distance transporter. It could take loads and quite robust. It never give me engine or mechanical problems and easy to maintain. My kids love the car because they can jump and lie down flat at the back seats. I could squeeze 3 bikes & with 3 people during Desaru trip. I did ferry 6 people together with luggage to Penang last year and to Belum Forest recently. I can drive it off-road and climb steep like 4WD as well as taking corners like sports car.... errrr you know that all bullshit right?
After we officially divorced, I told my ex, she can have the car and whatever I have paid for the car consider "halal" (am I still not a good ex?? :P), all she has to do is continue pay the monthly installment. She said thank you but no thank you because she cannot afford to fill-in the gas and pay installment at the same time. Now she knew, why I was against buying it in the first place. Nothing much I can do about it, except to keep it.
I never consider it a drawback to me until one incident happened to me. There was one time, I was trying to tackle a girl. We had a long chit chat, she seems very comfortable with me and I kinda like her. She herself willingly gave me her mobile number… hey I didn’t ask for it you know. Probably it was a good pick up line and I was charming enough to make her trust me… hehehe.  Well, while key-in the number I still didn’t get her name (what la… after half an hour chatting didn’t ask her name).
Me: Sorry, may I know your name so that I can key-in it my phone
Girl: Oohhh… you introduced yourself but you never ask my name, apa la you ni (dgn gaya manja)
Me: I’m sorry, I was so mesmerized with your look I forgot to ask your name (chewah, mengayat nampak)
Girl: My name is CITRA (she’s smiling)
Me: What a beautiful name!!! I love that name. If we have a daughter oopss… I meant if I have a daughter I will name her Citra (lagi lagi mengayat)
Girl: Don’t forget to call me yaaa… do you still remember my name right???
Me: Yeah…. I will never forget it because I have one right now :)
Girl: Errrr….. What do you mean you have one???
Me: Naza Citra, I’m driving the car… an MPV for family.
Girl: WHAT!!!! YOU’RE A FAMILY MAN??!!! DON’T EVEN TRY TO CALL ME!!!! (She walked away)
Me: Ooohhh sh*t… dammit!
The car is still with me until today. It’s full with beautiful memories. God bless you CITRA! (errrr… i mean the car, not the girl)



Daddy… this car is so spacious, bestnya! 
Mak ooi…. penuhnya! 3 bikes with 3 people.
Trip to Penang with 6 people. Kesian Aghil kena dok kat seat belakang sekali.
On the way back from Belum. At Bukh’s kampung.


Anonymous said…
Kam, buang yg keruh dan ambil yg jernih..benda dah jadi, so u have to face it with patience..i was so shock to get know about ur divorce..walau apapun, life must go on dan jgn lupa tanggungjawab sbg ayah kpd anak2 tu..they still needs u.
Kam Kasturie said…
No worries bro. I'm feeling great! I'm sorry if my entry sounds depress to you. It supposed to be a funny one. Damn, i must brush up my writing skills :P
dochisyam said…
Dear kam,
I'm humbled that you like my writing. Actually your writing is good too, keep it up. The story is funny in a twisted way actually. Kena baca dua kali then someone can appreciate it.
I see that the car can still bring 'chicks' along...still useful. But if you don't really need it, maybe boleh jual kot.

OP doc ala usat
Kam Kasturie said…
Actually it quite useful car. I can stuff all my racing & training gears in it. Secondhand value only RM41k, so better keep it.

Next time, i'll write a funnier one. Satire is one thing i want to learn how to write it.
fluotone said…
nice car!! haha I like the full-spec got dvd player and stuff :p
didn't know it drinks petrol like me with alcohol or beer :) hahahaha...


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