Ironman Langkawi... will i make it to the finish line?

Like everyone else, I have my own wish list of what I want to do in life and Ironman is one of them. Now less than a week to the grueling 17-hour race, I feel dokidoki (nervous in Japanese)  The journey not only started last year after I went to support my friends in Ironman 2008. But it was earlier before that. Check out my previous blog at

It's not so much of the race itself but the journey to Ironman is full of stories. Some very exciting, some very sad ones. I'm very committed to finish what I have started and I became obsessed about it. The sacrifice I did for this race is so tremendous. Even at one point it ruined my family. I never regret it and this is the most expensive lesson I've ever learned. I must thank people around me who gave great support to achieve my dream. 

Thanks to Ala, Bandit & Budin for alluring me into endurance race. Now I'm healthier and better looking than 4 years ago. I owe you guys a great deal. Thanks to OPs, my triathlete friends & LeTuang geng for your company during training & racing like Steve, Azmar, Stupe, Karo, Zabil, Puzi, Vicky, Ben, Amir, Harry, Boot, Ming, Chan, Shazly, Arif, May Senn, CK, Jaja, TSB, Upiq, Julie, AJ, Mejar Kalam, Nurina, Ishal, Mac, Yusran, Foli, Rashid, Bacin, Dicky, Cikgu Adnan, Ngae, Mat Licin, Jim, Karyan, Adeline, Zebet, Halim and many more (sorry if I missed your name) . Big thanks to Luvis, Bukhari, Zul & the rest of Ombak for correcting my strokes. Now I can glide faster & effortless in the water (yup, i was a lousy swimmer). Thanks to my boss for his great understanding and approved my leaves to race in Ironman and to all my colleagues for the morale support. And last not least my ex-wife, without her support when we were husband & wife, I won't be where I am now. 

When I started the journey long time ago, I have this mental picture in my mind that I'm going to cross the finish line hand-in-hand together with my wife & my kids. Unfortunately, it's not going to happen this Saturday. Anyway, i'm sure my extended family will be there waiting for me. All the best to those who are crazy enough to embark in this journey. I salute you guys!! Although we all going to suffer, let's enjoy the race. See you guys at the starting line. 頑張りましょう!!!


Anonymous said…
Aloha OP,

You'll do great! Hope to see you in Hawaii sometime.

Joe Loschiavo
Hawaii Ironman Aid Stations Director
Anonymous said…
You've trained..

You've sacrificed..

You've seen the improvements...

Now all you have to do is cross the finishing line..
Upiq said…
I salute you bro..

Thinking about the event can make you sweat but you'd earned the respect by just signing up for the event...

You will earn the immortal once you cross the line...

Braveheart, you are...

Gozaimatsu sudoku..!!
Kam Kasturie said…
Aloha Joe... thanks for the wishes. It's my dream to race in Ironman Hawaii, the superbowl of triathlon. Hope to see you in the future.

Bandit... Hope to see you race in Ironman 70.3 in Putrajaya this July.

Upiq... You are everybody's inspiration! Keep on racing bro!

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