Outdoor Adventure at Belum Forest

 A trip to Belum Forest is more on playing with my new toy Sony Alpha 300 DSLR than go for  camping. I took nearly 600 pictures and almost 3Gb of data. Lucky i bought an extra battery grip and my photo shooting could last for 3 days without charging.

My best shot - Morning view of Tasik Banding

The contrast between the water & the blue sky

Blue sky, green forest & clear water

We hit a jackpot, we found a full bloom Rafflesia!



dochisyam said…
Wow, dah jadi photographer now. Good that you have picked up a new hobby bro.
Takes the mind away from problems
Keep it up
Kam Kasturie said…
I didn't push the camera capabilities to the limit. Masih budak baru belajar.
zulhassan said…
waaahh bestnya ...berkhemah kat dalam hutan atau sekadar lepak chalet je?
Kam Kasturie said…
Berkhemah la bro... kalau tak, bukan namanya outdoor adventure.
Wow! Niceshoot
ni penangan DLSR baru ke DOC?
Ni boleh join ngan PHOTOMALAYSIA.COM doc...
ni manual ke?
Kam Kasturie said…
Dila, u asking me or doc hisyam? Btw, the pix were taken using Sony Alpha 300. Check out my flickr, u'll see better pix taken during LTdL last weekend.

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