Yessss… I did it again! I’m 2 times Ironman!!!

I’m having Post Ironman Depression Syndrome (PIDS) right now. I have no mood to write a report. If you wish to read a race report I suggest you to visit OP Stupe’s blog. He wrote his Ironman experience this year very detail until you can visualize yourself in the race. Anyway, enjoy some IM photos below.

P2250029Pre race swimming session.

DSC08280Unpacked my steed

DSC08320Race briefing

P2250052Daniel helped check my bike

P2260058Bike check-in

DSC08285With Multiple Ironman IM Yusran

DSC-0068 After body marking

P2270074 With IM Barath the Chicken Man

DSC-0115 Bike bags in T1

DSC-0217 Smiles before being tortured

DSC-0165Start & finish line

Start The cannon blew-off and off we go swim 3.8km

FinishOut of the water in less than 2 hours

0279_06974 Hush hush!

DSC-0275 Thank god I’m back to safe ground

DSC-0491Loyal supporters Hazura, Bandit, Alisa & Zabrina

Start Begin my 180km biking leg

0279_01491 Thumb up

0279_01818 Climbing Bukit Malut

P2270080 Water & aid station

P2270083Half way break, looking good :)

DSC-0464 (1) Approaching T2

0279_04871 Start run 42.2km marathon

DSC-0367Run Forest Run

DSC-0884 The climate was bloody hot!

14130_109159959098880_100000146307546_239391_7292330_n Catching up with Stupe

IMG_4426 Feel like fainting

24673_330075652827_541202827_3660738_7941345_n Forced myself to smile for this shot

IMG_4442 It was damn painful… so torturous

0279_05478 Announcer: “Number 539 Kam Kasturie frommmm Japannnnn!!!! You are an Ironmannnnnnn!

Me: Huh??? I’m from Japan?

0279_06332 I stood there for 5 seconds to savour the moment… hahaha

0279_06744 I wish my kids were there to witness this, someday they will race with me side by side

26297_109160669100724_100000203750391_240901_2809954_n Alhamdullilah… I got my 2nd Ironman medal. Now I have two medals each for my Ian & Dmi.

24829_342439408996_585458996_3742779_2187316_n Well done IM Stupe!

DSC08369 One of the greatest achievement in 2010

DSC08406Finisher medal, t-shirt & certificate


DSC08283 Stupe – for everything especially arranging the logistic for me. You are such an extraordinaire person to me.

DSC08308 Barath – for being there during the last miles into running leg. I hope you will try again next year.

DSC08376Bandit – For being the most loyal supporter, supplying me with drinks during bike and powergel during run. Thanks for running with me too.

DSC08357Zabrina – for accompanying me for about 10-15km and being a knight in shining armor (female version) providing me support when I need it the most

And thanks to my other friends who were there as participants or supporters… Yusran, Ishal, Adeline, Mac, Senn, Arif, Ahmad Fathi, Aileen, Kok Aik, OP Chan, Mejar Kalam, OP Sofiyan, OP Shazly, OP AJ, OP Jim, Jason, Elaine Karyan, Zabil, Azah, Elicia, Abu, Dush, Raymond, Ezer, Dino, Julie, Kay, Halim, Chie-san, Nik, Tey, OP Mantat, OP Jabir, OP Ramzul, OP Farouk all together with their wives and many others (sorry if I missed your name)

Thanks to those who support from far like my family, Amy Walling, Nina, Ruzy, Azmar, Laif, TSB, OP Ala, Aghil, Kash, OP CK, Jaja, OP Harry, Luvis, Bahri, Haza, Ian Yusof, all Le Tuang members, my fellow facebook friends, my fellow OPs, my fellow colleagues in Celcom like Maria, Niza, Santhana, Zaila, Sherizal, OP Azzam and others too.

Will I do it again next year??? Hmmm… 90% maybe not!


Chan Jun Shen said…
congratulations for completing another IM sir..
i wonder why so many OPs join IM..
may be tak puas kena ragging.. haha
Anonymous said…
YES, you are, and many times over!

Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words. Your experience was well conveyed there. (Plus your hp number, hehehe!).

And yeslah, how come RMC churns out many IMs, eh? TKC only one.
Kam Kasturie said…
Thank you Chan & Haza :)
I started all these pun becoz of my OP friends. Like OP Bandit, OP Ala, OP Budin dan ramai lagi. OPs mmg suka kena torture.... hahaha

Haza... My phone number is for ladies to call me up ;)
Btw, who's that TKCian completed an IM?
Anonymous said…
Julie lah! She got nominated for TKC's 100 inspiring personalities or something like that. Awesome.

I always think IMs are outta this world!
Kam Kasturie said…
Oh ya la, I forgot she was from TKC.
But to be in RMC's 100 inspiring personalities we got to do something beyond IM like being in a war.
(I'm watching "The Hurt Locker" now)
EnAikAY said…
Well done Kam!

Hopefully the remaining 10% will grow to 80% or something, when the registration for IM 2011 opens :)
Congrats Kam! You are one determined Ironman. So proud of you!
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks Nik & Kash!
I promised myself to take a break from IM next year but I dont mind breaking the promise :D
Tgk la macam mana nanti.
ian yusof said…
congrats Kam .... 2 medals in a row. I bet it's gonna be 3 in a row! :)
heckler said…
good job bro. still 10% of you that might be joining for next year ;)

I must say the race is nothing, the friends that's around for us were something!
Kam Kasturie said…
thanks guys... yup, being around with friends was great experience in Langkawi. We'll see if i will take part again next year.
Jaja Shah said…
good job OP! u did it for the 2nd times, fuhhh. celcom kena amik u jadi model billboard laaa

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