Weekend road trip to JB

I haven’t not seen my babies for nearly 2 months since Feb. My friends always asked me how I feel for not being able to see my kids growing before my eyes. I don’t know how to explain it but it is hard being away from them I tell you. Feel like apart of me missing. I can’t imagine how difficult for them living in JB without mummy and daddy around. To make them feel I’m around, I will call them almost everyday.

I’m counting the days when their mummy get married and bring them back to KL. I don’t see any reasons she can’t take them back to KL. Just like me, I think she misses them too.

4-12-2010.jpg Hope I can do this more often every month. Daddy misses you, Ian & Dmi !!!


iamsyah said…
I cannot even start to imagine your pain, bro! It must be heartbreaking.

My brother has a daughter living with his ex-wife in Aussie, and he is miserable without his daughter.

Hang in there!
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks bro. Hope their mother will bring them back to KL soon. Maybe someday in the future, they will stay with me.

My sympathy to your brother too.

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