Jalan-jalan cari makan in Kuching

IMG_3757 Kuching Airport. Last visit was 4 years ago together with my kid Ian and it was still under construction at that time.

IMG_3903This is where I stayed The Basaga House

IMG_3777 Seafood at BT Mata

IMG_3783Quite a lot for 3 people.

IMG_3785 My host in Kuching. She’s a native Sarawakian.

IMG_3797 Karaoke session after dinner. Believe it or not, all these ladies are ex-TKC.

IMG_3814 My tourist guide was so hot and she has a cool car… hehehe

IMG_3821 Orang Ulu main Sape at Waterfront

IMG_3820 She was so excited to get her photo taken with him.

IMG_3848 Beautiful handicraft

IMG_3849 Brought back some of these form my new home

IMG_3858 Kek Lapis Sarawak.

IMG_3862 She took me to the best Ais Kacang & Laksa Sarawak

IMG_3916 The Best Ais Kacang Kuching style

IMG_3868 Authentic Laksa Sarawak…. so yummy!

IMG_3870 Mee Belacan… I don’t like it :P

IMG_3883 White Lady drink…. mix of everything. A bit too sweet for me.

IMG_3882 Rojak buah Kuching style

IMG_3896 At night, she took me to Satok for supper. I had Ais Jagung campur Laici…. power!!!

IMG_3897 This is the best Mee Kolok in town!!! Only available after 10pm.

IMG_3899 Thanks babe for being a great host.

IMG_3918Second round of Laksa Sarawak (2 bowls actually) before heading to Airport.


Time to go home. Bye bye Kuching. Will be there again for Rainforest Music Festival next year.


ian yusof said…
*ehem* looks like you're having a jolly good time there ... very happy for you! :)
Kam Kasturie said…
Thx, I had fabulous time there....hehehe ;)
bali driver said…
its so romantic, congratulations :)
dochisyam said…
finally recent blog entries showing the true Kam that we know...
No need of the sad entries anymore tau bro..
Keep it up :-)
Kam Kasturie said…
Sad entries? What sad entries? I'm enjoying my life to the fullest now... Yeehaaaa!!!! :D

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